Greg Phillips is our October Associate Spotlight!

Greg Phillips
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We are thrilled to pay tribute to our October Associate Spotlight, Greg Phillips. Phillps is one of our distinguished Senior Systems Engineers who started at Edafio as an intern; he has been with us for almost a decade and maintains the internal technology operations with an inventive and enthusiastic mindset.

The comings and goings of staff are a part of every dynamic organization; therefore, it can be challenging to get to know our coworkers better as people. We have to be mindful that our company culture thrives on our exceptional people and their outstanding technical skills. As such, we are finding that our periodic interviews with associates allow us to acknowledge and celebrate the beautiful life stories, extraordinary professional accomplishments, and even the little quirks that make us uniquely beautiful human beings.

We hope you find each Edafio associate story as inspiring as we do in gathering and sharing them.

Now let’s get better acquainted with Greg!

Greg Phillips

How long have you worked at Edafio, and what does your job entail? 

I have been with Edafio for 9.096154 years. I started in 2009, with a small break between 2015-2018. My job is to maintain the internal operations and integrity of Edafio’s technology infrastructure.

What do you like most about your job?

The people and the flexibility

What is your favorite place in the world?

Silver Dollar City

What is your Crystal Knows Type, and do you think it is accurate?

I am an Encourager (Is), and I think it’s pretty accurate as far as I can tell. As a kid, I took it a long time ago and got the same.

What are three words that best describe you?

Curious. Unconventional. Mischievous

“Greg continues to exemplify his dedication to Edafio and his teammates. He is a core player in the DevOps department and displays tireless dedication to every project he is involved in. I am immensely proud, impressed, and humbled by this, as well as genuinely honored to have him as a member of my team.” 

Chris O’Quin, DevOps Manager
Greg Phillips

What do you like to do when you aren’t working? 

I like kayaking as much as possible when the weather is nice, having bonfires; researching random topics; playing with my kids.

What is the one thing you can’t live without? 

Red Bull!

Everyone at Edafio has a story about why they joined the team. What’s yours?

I was looking for a degree-relevant summer internship towards the end of my undergrad, and my dad strongly suggested Edafio. Over the years, I have ultimately been drawn back because I missed working with friends.

Edafio is always looking for exceptional candidates to join our team. For an opportunity to work with folks like Greg, visit our careers page to learn more.

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