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Delivering Value-Based Technology Solutions

Our Story.

Our journey began in 1999 when local information technology companies couldn’t meet the needs of a Little Rock-based accounting firm and its clients. Determined to find a solution, the firm’s partners established Edafio Technology Partners. Launching with exceptional results for our first client, JPMS, we rapidly evolved into a full-service IT provider, expanding across Arkansas and into the midsouth region.

In 2024 Edafio & Ascend Technologies merged to become one of the largest technology services companies in the central U.S.

The synergy of the two companies’ extensive IT industry expertise offers access to a comprehensive and innovative suite of offerings and an unparalleled commitment to enhancing client experiences and offering a holistic, high-value solution set for its clients.

The Ascend Way

We understand the critical role that IT plays in businesses across all industries. Today’s technology must be smart, reliable, adaptable, and secure. That’s why we are committed to delivering IT solutions at the highest level, ranging from cloud computing to proactive cybersecurity strategies. Our local collaborative experts are as extraordinary as the technology itself. They provide practical support with one focus in mind: your success. Together, let’s explore what we can achieve.

Our Mission

Our mission is clear: we help our clients protect, run, and grow their businesses.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a trusted partner for proven and emerging technology solutions.

Our Approach

We power IT through people. As the largest managed services provider in the mid-south region, we operate one of the region’s most extensive groups of IT engineers. Our unique approach involves a business-oriented assessment to diagnose and manage network problems, making us a trusted partner across various industries spanning the southern corridor.

Our approach centers on eliminating IT distractions and creating harmony within our client’s businesses. Through IT consulting and management, cloud computing, cybersecurity solutions, and healthcare consulting, we help build, support, and protect our clients’ businesses.

Our Commitment

One of the hallmarks setting Ascend apart is our commitment to employing experienced, senior-level engineers with deep industry knowledge. Our large, highly-qualified local team ensures that our clients’ networks remain stable, efficient, and secure.

Our Core Values

Our core values are at the heart of Ascend. We are committed to your success and prioritize accountability and unquestionable integrity in everything we do. While offering specialized expertise and technology services, we approach our work as one team, guided by transparency, humility, and mutual respect.

Commitment to Client Success

Our actions and words always align with the best interest of the client.

One Team

We work collaboratively to overcome challenges with humility and respect and do what it takes to find innovative solutions.


We are unquestionably committed to doing the right thing, even when it is hard.


We hold ourselves and each other accountable for keeping our commitments to our clients, our communities, and one another.


We create open lines of communication with each other and our clients, fostering relationships founded on candor and trust.

An Award-Winning IT Provider

We are proud to have our commitment to innovation, expertise, and professionalism officially recognized by our strategic partners and industry associations. These awards reflect the unique talents and exceptional solutions that Ascend brings to the table.

Client Success Stories

We are honored to have received heartfelt testimonials from our successful business partners, sharing their experiences and the positive outcomes they have achieved. These testimonials showcase our dedication to excellence and our commitment to delivering exceptional results for our clients.

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Embark on your it success journey

Together we will overcome your challenges, achieve your goals, and take your organization to new heights.

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