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Dedicated Expertise for Innovative Teams

Salesforce Embedded Experts

Streamline Your Salesforce Experience.

If your organization has a robust plan for growing your Salesforce platform but is missing the bandwidth or expertise to deliver on it all yourself, Ascend Technologies is your solution. Our experts are integrated into your organization, providing real-time support and guidance to collaboratively accomplish your roadmap goals.

Like any great road trip, you’ll have a companion to guide you along the way. We’ll keep you in the driver’s seat and work together to determine your business initiatives, navigate changes, and provide ongoing performance support.

Find out why having Salesforce experts embedded in your team can transform your operations and streamline your Salesforce experience.

Expanded team capacity

Expanded team Capacity

Grow your delivery team in order to accomplish more in less time. Drive efficiency and effectiveness with an expanded team.

Defined Skillset & Expertise

Determine the cloud, feature, or industry expertise needed to diversify your project team.

What Sets Ascend Apart?


Our team’s experience begins in the industries we serve, with established knowledge of operational structure and terminology, and years of previous employment in key industries.


Our senior team is highly certified and technically adept in sales process efficiency, service operations, connected digital experiences, marketing automation, business analytics, and data integrations.

Business-First Mindset

We seek to understand your business needs and deliver simple, scalable solutions while maintaining an architecture for innovation.

fast and

Our team moves with the same agility as the Salesforce platform, delivering on the promise of time to value while keeping the long-term innovation initiatives in focus. Our approach adapts solutions to your growth trajectory and platform releases.

Unlock the benefits of Salesforce Embedded Experts

  • Bandwidth: Drive efficiency and effectiveness with an expanded team.
  • Expertise: Leverage a deep bench of Salesforce architect, consultant, and developer talent to complement your existing team
  • Speed to ROI: Achieve a faster return on your Salesforce investment
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Ascend’s Delivery Process

At Ascend, we want your business to thrive for years to come! That’s why our expert team is ready to support your growing business initiatives. You’ve already made the decision to implement Salesforce, so let’s help you continue to make the most of your investment. We’ll work alongside your team to plan and execute the growth of your Salesforce org so you can feel confident moving your business forward.


Gather all expert team members together to set expectations, align on processes, and plan knowledge transfer for successful ramp-up.


Provide expert configuration and development based on client defined scope and timeline.


Hold regular cadence of internal and client meetings to review performance and progress of experts.


Revisit expectations and results in Account Review and adjust as needed.

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