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Your Cloud, Your Way.

At Ascend Technologies, we understand that navigating the world of cloud computing can be daunting. That’s why we’re here to make it simple for you. Our Cloud Computing Services empower businesses like yours to harness the full potential of the cloud, whether it’s public, private, or hybrid.

Ascend’s Cloud solutions seamlessly guide growing businesses away from traditional hosting and into the embrace of a more secure, highly available virtualized environment. We’ve got your back when it comes to hassle-free workload migration, all within a cost-effective, fully managed infrastructure.

A Cloud Environment Tailored to Your Needs

Whether your aim is to consolidate resources for cost efficiency, modernize your infrastructure for enhanced performance, reliability, and security, or simply prepare for future growth with scalable solutions, Ascend’s Cloud Computing Services deliver the perfect solution for your unique needs.

A Top-Tier Cloud Service Provider

At Ascend, we’ve simplified cloud hosting so you can unleash your business’s true potential without the complexities of traditional solutions. Discover what sets Ascend’s Cloud Computing Services apart:

Simplified Cloud Hosting

At Ascend, we’ve redefined cloud hosting to make it effortless for you. We take care of the entire virtual data center, from hardware to the cloud platform itself, so you can stay focused on what matters most—your applications.

Transparent, Resource-Based Pricing

With Ascend, you pay for precisely the cloud resources your business needs, and as you grow, effortlessly scale your cloud solutions without the hassle of additional hardware investments.

Robust Infrastructure

Our Private Cloud is your stronghold, built on fully redundant, enterprise-grade hardware with automatic failover mechanisms to help you minimize downtime and embrace uninterrupted workflows for your business-critical operations.

Top-Notch Networking & Storage

Ascend’s Private Cloud boasts lightning-fast networking and high-performance storage, ensuring that your applications run at their best.

Fortified Security for Your Data

Security is non-negotiable in the cloud era. Our Cloud Services come fortified with a secure firewall, standard DDoS protection, and backups for added peace of mind.

Seamless Scaling When You Need It Most

When your business demands expansion, Ascend has you covered. Scale horizontally by adding extra web nodes with file replication and load balancing, effortlessly accommodating increased traffic as your needs evolve.

Empower Your Operations With the Cloud

Our Cloud Computing Services cater to a diverse range of industries and needs:


Empower small to medium-sized businesses with
cloud solutions.

Mission-Critical Workloads

Ensure the reliability and security of your most important tasks.

SaaS and Application Hosting

Host your software applications with ease.

Reseller Hosting

Offer cloud services to your customers.

Modernizing Software

Transition legacy operating systems back into the cloud for increased efficiency.

Ascend is a preferred Microsoft Solutions PArtner

Ascend holds the prestigious status of a Microsoft Cloud Solution Partner, excelling in bringing cloud transformations to fruition for our clients. Our team of certified engineers boasts a wealth of experience in the creation, deployment, and maintenance of solutions powered by Microsoft Cloud.

Clients leveraging Azure through Ascend benefit from robust security measures and data safeguards backed by round-the-clock support and persistent monitoring to maximize uptime, ensuring their businesses maintain seamless operational continuity.

PDF thumbnail - Edafio Cloud overview

Free Download: Cloud overview

Designed for simplicity, cost-effectiveness and high performance, Ascend Cloud’s computing and storage resources combine power and efficiency with a fixed-price promise. We also have a built-in backup process—making your data more secure than ever.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of cloud computing do you offer?

Ascend provides public, private, and hybrid cloud computing services tailored to your unique needs.

How can I migrate to the cloud seamlessly?

Our experienced team handles the migration process, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations.

Is my data secure in the cloud?

Absolutely. Ascend employs state-of-the-art security measures to protect your data.

What type of support do you provide to your clients?

Ascend is known for a high level of client support. Clients can expect 24/7/365 on-call service as well as onsite end-user training.

How do you determine if the cloud is ultimately a good fit for my organization?

Our cloud experts will assess your company’s IT needs alongside your budget to curate a cloud solution to meet your goals and make sure the Ascend cloud is a fit for your business.

How will the cloud help my organization?

For the right organization, a move to the cloud enables your deployed workforce to work more efficiently while also providing significant protection against unforeseen events or crises. Ascend will assess specific needs and your company goals and create a unique cloud environment for your business.

Can I pick and choose which aspects of my IT environment belong in the cloud?

Our goal is to design a cloud solution based on your needs. We will share which options are optional and, more importantly, where you will not want to compromise.

Transform Your IT Environment With the Cloud

Spark your digital transformation with efficient, secure cloud solutions from Ascend.
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