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Detection & Response Service for Identity-Based Threats

Protect your team and prevent imposters.

Identity Protection is a comprehensive solution that safeguards digital identities and prevents unauthorized access to sensitive information. Leveraging trillions of signals analyzed daily, this solution continuously updates detections to protect you from identity-based risks such as anonymous IP address usage, password spray attacks, and leaked credentials.

Our security experts will leverage advanced technology to ensure robust protection, including custom configuration, monitoring real-time detections, investigating suspicious activities, applying risk-based policies for access controls, and conducting proactive threat hunting.

your resilience starts with proactive defense

Imagine a scenario where an employee receives an email appearing to be from a trusted source, prompting them to click on a link and provide their login credentials. Unbeknownst to the employee, this email is a phishing attempt, and their credentials are now compromised. In response, our Identity Protection services immediately detect the unauthorized access attempt and flag it as suspicious. That’s when our security team swiftly springs into action with features like:

Continuous Monitoring & Detection

Continuous monitoring and detection of identity-based risks, such as suspicious logins, social engineering attempts, and account takeovers.

Real-Time Investigation & Reporting

Thorough investigation of detected threats and compiled reports of findings, provided to you in a clear and actionable format details the nature and severity of the incident.

Automated Remediation

Automated remediation allowing for the implementation of risk-based Conditional Access policies to require access controls, such as multi-factor authentication, based on the detected risk level.

What Sets Ascend Apart?

award-winning team

Team Ascend’s renowned experts are some of the best in the industry. Ascend consistently ranks among the top MSPs in the country, earning positions on award charts such as Channel Future’s Top 501 MSPs, the CRN MSP 500 & Elite 150, and Inc. 5000.

itil-based processes

Our unwavering mission is to maximize efficiency by making the onboarding, implementation, and rollout journey seamless and enjoyable. Leveraging the ITIL framework, we bridge the gap between security and compliance to enhance overall effectiveness.

zero trust security approach

Adopting a “trust no one” strategy safeguards your company information from the inside out. We’ll implement continuous authorization, strict access controls, and ongoing monitoring for your ultimate protection.

defense is in the details

Wondering how it all works? Here are some key features you’ll benefit from with this service:

User Authentication

Implementing multi-factor authentication (MFA) and biometric verification to ensure secure access to systems and applications.

Behavioral Analytics

Utilizing advanced algorithms to monitor user behavior patterns and detect anomalies indicative of potential security threats.

Identity Verification

Employing robust methods such as digital certificates and tokenization to verify the identity of users accessing sensitive data or systems.


Identity Proteciton Service Sheet

Discover the power of enhanced protection with our complimentary Identity Protection one-page service sheet, exclusively available for download on our website. This invaluable resource provides a comprehensive overview of our managed service, detailing all its features and benefits to assist you in your buying journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

What industries does Ascend serve?

At Ascend, we provide comprehensive cybersecurity solutions for organizations of all industries. Our team of experts is on hand to provide the best protection for your critical infrastructure, utilizing the latest security technology and staying ahead in the fight against cyber threats. We can provide tailored solutions to protect your network, data, and mobile devices from sophisticated cyber threats and malicious software.

How often is the security system updated?

We provide regular updates and maintenance of the security system to ensure that your network remains secure and up to date. Our experienced team of experts is on hand to provide prompt assistance and maintenance to keep the system running smoothly.

What type of cyber threats does Ascend protect against?

Ascend provides protection from sophisticated cyber threats including malicious software, insider threats, data breaches, and advanced persistent threats. Our experienced team of experts are dedicated to staying ahead in the fight against the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape and providing the best protection for your critical infrastructure.

Protect what matters most: Your Identity, Your security

With our comprehensive approach to safeguarding identities, you can trust us to mitigate risks, defend against cyber threats, and preserve the integrity of your digital assets.

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