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Delivering an Outstanding Experience – Every Time


Don’t Let IT Interruptions Affect Your Business.

Your business’s success hinges on uninterrupted access to IT support and services and your end users have high expectations when they call your service desk: fast diagnosis, clear communication, efficient resolution — and a great attitude.

Many organizations struggle to meet these lofty expectations due to:

  • The cost of maintaining a 24/7 service desk
  • High staff turnover
  • Time spent resolving issues rather than finding ways to prevent them

At Ascend Technologies, we understand the importance of consistent IT assistance. Say goodbye to IT worries and welcome streamlined solutions that keep your operations running smoothly, day and night.

Keep Business Going As Usual Continuous Support

Experience steadfast IT support through our 24/7 Support Desk—a strategic ally in safeguarding your operations. Our dedicated team of Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 resolution experts offers immediate assistance, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. Backed by proactive monitoring, expert triage, and scalable solutions, we’re poised to address your IT resource challenges seamlessly.

Our comprehensive support offerings include:

Conway Regional Site Visit for 247 Operations Center Page

Tier 1 Support

Our initial line of assistance, Tier 1, ensures quick client interaction. Reach out through phone calls, emails, or our web portal to open support tickets. We prioritize skillset enhancement through technical training, process management, quality documentation, and friendly service. We’re committed to nurturing our associates’ skills to enhance client service. We’re actively engaged in client documentation initiatives using ITGLUE, aiming to streamline support processes and create effective escalation pathways.

Tier 2 Expertise

Combining system administration and network support knowledge, Tier 2 bridges technical gaps for end users. When challenges transcend Tier 1’s capabilities, when elevated access is mandated by security protocols, or when call volume surpasses Tier 1 capacity, Tier 2 steps in.

Tier 3 Excellence

At Tier 3, our most adept system and network engineers come into play. Tickets are escalated to this level when Tier 2 or Field Engineers require advanced technical assistance.

Why Outsource Support Desk Services?

Experience Unmatched IT Support with Our Support Desk

Uninterrupted Support

Enjoy peace of mind with round-the-clock availability. Our skilled team swiftly tackles IT issues, reducing operational interruptions and keeping your business productive.

Immediate Response

Should an incident arise, our skilled Tier 1, 2, and 3 staff provide swift resolution and escalate if necessary, reducing downtime impact.

Proactive Monitoring

Our support desk constantly monitors servers, detecting potential issues early on. We handle alerts, restart applications, and ensure the seamless operation of your systems.

Expert Triage and Escalation

When genuine alerts emerge, our team steps in as an extension of your business. We manage incidents, ensuring quick handling and minimizing downtime.

Scalability and Flexibility

As your business grows, our services evolve with your needs. Our team’s agility allows us to adapt to various situations and demands.

Why Choose Ascend for Support Desk Services?


Reliability & Security

Our UCS/SOC 2Type 2 Certification guarantees the highest trust and peace of mind. We prioritize your business’s security, ensuring robust IT consulting, cybersecurity, and proactive measures to protect your valuable data.

Proven Expertise & Reputation

Ascend is recognized as one of the largest full-service technology providers in the mid-south region. With our decades of experience and numerous awards for culture, technological expertise, and ethics, you can trust us as your technology partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

What certifications ensure the security and reliability of Ascend’s Support Desk?

Our UCS/SOC 2 Type 2 Certification guarantees the highest trust and peace of mind. We prioritize security through robust IT consulting and cybersecurity measures.

Why choose Ascend’s 24/7 Support Desk services?

With decades of experience and a solid reputation, Ascend is recognized as a leading technology provider in the mid-south region. Our expertise ensures your business’s IT needs are in capable hands.

How can my business benefit from scalable services?

Our 24/7 Support Desk seamlessly adapts to your evolving needs, ensuring that as your business grows, our support remains effective and tailored to your requirements.

Downloadable PDF document about Edafio's 24/7 Operations Center

free Download: 24/7 Support Desk

Businesses often struggle with limited IT resources and the inability to provide round-the-clock support to their employees. This can lead to productivity losses, increased downtime and potential security risks. Ascend’s 24/7 Support Desk solves this problem
by offering constant monitoring, fast issue resolution, and proactive IT support ensuring your business operations run smoothly day and night.

Empower Your organization with 24/7 Support Desk Services Today

Don’t allow IT disruptions to impede your success. Team up with Ascend and unleash the potential of our 24/7 Support Desk to enhance your IT support, security, and efficiency. Connect with us now to initiate the journey!

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