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Get the Most Out of Your Microsoft Licensing

Microsoft Licensing by Ascend Technologies

UNLOCK flexibility & control with your Microsoft licensing.

Microsoft licensing is complex. Without proper management, organizations are at risk of overpaying for features that aren’t being used, violating compliance standards, and security vulnerabilities. As a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, Ascend Technologies is an expert at understanding and managing licensing.

Microsoft Licensing Management Made Easy


Businesses may be paying for licenses they no longer need, such as new functionality in a platform that makes other licensed applications redundant, or when employees change roles or leave the company and no longer need access.

Operational Inefficiencies

Companies may be missing out on licenses or upgrades that could increase productivity. Insufficient oversight can also lead to downtime if a license mistakenly does not get renewed.


Being unaware of who has which licenses can create security risks. For example, a former employee may still be licensed to access sensitive information.


Similar to security risks, a lack of license oversight can create compliance risks. For example, data may not be secured according to your industry’s standards if too many people have licenses to access sensitive information.

Get Microsoft Licensing For Your Business Needs

  • Identify the licenses you have and who’s using them.
  • Analyze how to get better use out of your licenses and plan options, e.g., by assigning unused licenses to more employees who would benefit from access to certain applications or by switching to a plan with fewer licenses.
  • Improve security and compliance through stronger licensing oversight.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can licensing through Ascend benefit my organization?

Our tailored licensing solutions can help you reduce administrative overhead, manage software costs effectively, and ensure compliance. We specialize in streamlining Microsoft licensing to unlock efficiency and cost savings.

What sets your expertise apart from other providers?

We are a certified Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider, which gives us to more Microsoft support and resources. Our team has extensive experience in Microsoft licensing with deep knowledge of the Microsoft ecosystem, so we can offer identify solutions based on your unique requirements, offer transparent pricing, and provide ongoing support to optimize your licensing strategy.

How often should we evaluate our licensing?

We recommend doing annual assessments of what your organization has, what you actively utilize, and your business goals. Our assessments come with optimized recommendations that can save money, increase value, or get you closer to reaching your goals.

Learn More About Microsoft Licensing

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