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Enabling Modern Technology Solutions.

Our mission is driven by an unwavering commitment to providing our clients with cutting-edge technology, nurturing meaningful partnerships, and delivering profound expertise that propels their digital evolution. The cornerstone of our strategy revolves around establishing powerful connections with distinguished figures in the technology and cybersecurity sectors. These valued partnerships are more than mere collaborations; they are the lifeline that fuels our commitment to excellence.

Partners & Vendors

Aligning with industry trailblazers to ensure you have access to top-tier resources and the latest innovations, allowing us to create modern, secure, agile infrastructure applications, and data solutions of the highest caliber. We partner with:

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With Microsoft’s vast array of tools and software, we deliver integrated solutions that drive productivity and efficiency.


The Salesforce platform brings transformational changes to clients that are backed by our decades of expertise.


Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) empowers us with cutting-edge technology solutions, enabling our clients to scale and innovate with confidence.


Aruba’s network expertise ensures secure, seamless connectivity for our clients, enhancing their digital capabilities.


Kaseya’s remote monitoring and management platform bolsters our cybersecurity and IT management services.


Our collaboration with Netsurion, a prominent name in cybersecurity, equips our clients with robust technology solutions to fortify their digital landscape.


VMware’s virtualization and cloud solutions support the development of agile, scalable infrastructure.


Fortinet’s advanced cybersecurity solutions ensure our clients’ digital assets are safeguarded from evolving threats.


Recon’s threat intelligence and vulnerability management tools fortify our security measures.


Ingram Micro’s distribution services grant us access to a wide array of technology products, keeping us ahead of the curve.


Cisco’s networking solutions enhance our ability to deliver reliable, high-performance infrastructure.


Veeam’s data management and protection solutions are instrumental in securing our clients’ data assets.

Rapid 7

Rapid7’s security and analytics tools empower us to proactively manage cybersecurity risks.

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Integrated Expertise

Our partnership-driven approach ensures that our clients receive the most sophisticated and effective technology solutions available. We begin by carefully selecting partners who align with our values and mission. We then integrate their expertise and solutions seamlessly into our service offerings, providing our clients with access to cutting-edge tools and resources. This collaborative process is at the core of how we deliver excellence.

Need Hardware?

We’ve got you covered! Whether you’re looking for cutting-edge technology or reliable components, we’re here to guide you and provide expert recommendations tailored to your business goals. Count on us to source the right hardware solutions for improved operational efficiency and success.





IT Maintenance

Request Hardware Procurement for Your IT Journey

Frequently Asked Questions

How do your partnerships benefit clients? 

Our partnerships provide us with access to the latest technology and cybersecurity solutions, ensuring that our clients receive the most advanced and effective services.

How do you choose your partners and vendors? 

We choose our partners based on their reputation, expertise, and alignment with our mission to deliver excellence.

Can clients directly engage with your partners and vendors?

While we maintain close relationships with our partners, all client interactions are facilitated through Ascend to ensure a seamless and unified experience.

How do your partnerships contribute to cybersecurity?

Many of our partners specialize in cybersecurity solutions, allowing us to provide top-tier protection and proactive risk management.

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