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Expert Strategic Guidance With Future Focus

Salesforce Consulting Services

Achieve Your Salesforce Goals.

We understand that making the most of Salesforce requires a well-thought-out strategy. What you need to solve today is different than tomorrow, but HOW you solve today must consider your roadmap for the future. Let us help you make informed technology decisions today and mitigate risk for tomorrow.

With our Salesforce Consulting Services, we provide business process and technical consulting to support your Salesforce strategic plan. We’ll work to optimize your team’s time, increase ROI, and assist you in accomplishing your short and long-term business goals. This can include Salesforce roadmap design, technical diagramming, operating and governance modeling, and architecture maps. Our strategic guidance is provided with years of experience and defined deliverables.

Open Road

Salesforce Roadmap

Collaborate on development of a Salesforce roadmap that will be your organization’s guiding resource.

Operating & Governance Model

Guidance on best practices for governing your Salesforce platform and organizing your delivery team to efficiently deliver on key initiatives.

Technical & Architecture Diagram

Deep dive into your organization and document systems, data models, and processes in order to deliver diagrams.

What Sets Ascend Apart?


Our team’s experience begins in the industries we serve, with established knowledge of operational structure and terminology, and years of previous employment in key industries.


Our senior team is highly certified and technically adept in sales process efficiency, service operations, connected digital experiences, marketing automation, business analytics, and data integrations.

Business-First Mindset

We seek to understand your business needs and deliver simple, scalable solutions while maintaining an architecture for innovation.

fast and

Our team moves with the same agility as the Salesforce platform, delivering on the promise of time to value while keeping the long-term innovation initiatives in focus. Our approach adapts solutions to your growth trajectory and platform releases.

Unlock the benefits of Salesforce Consulting services

  • Clear Path Forward: With an in-depth understanding of your business, deliver transparent advice and a clear blueprint for success
  • Thorough Documentation: Develop documentation of the systems, data, or processes that are most impactful to your business
  • Actionable Recommendations: Collaborate on a plan that moves your business from your current state, toward your future state, with defined steps for your team to take

Ascend’s Delivery Process

At Ascend we understand how important a strategic plan is to reach your goals. Our consulting services will allow you to use our extensive expertise to build a recommendation for the future. Each consulting engagement is structured specifically for your business needs.


Gather all stakeholders together to better understand current and future state of technology along with overall business goals. This may include your company’s mission and vision, as well as short-term and long-term strategic goals.


Lead deep dive sessions around how your business operations on a day-to-day basis, challenges each part of the business is facing, and how you currently approach the development of your Salesforce platform.


Review and assess information gathered in order to build a custom solution recommendation.


Deliver solution recommendation and collaborate with stakeholders on plan execution.

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