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Maximize Your Salesforce Potential

Tailored Recommendations to Drive Efficiency and Growth.

Our team will thoroughly evaluate your organization’s current Salesforce setup and provide a comprehensive recommendation to boost your business value. Maximize efficiency, drive growth, and achieve your business goals with our tailored approach to Salesforce optimization. Contact us today to transform your Salesforce strategy and elevate your business performance.



  • Business: Hold two business workshops to understand your processes to inform the summarization of a Salesforce GAP analysis
  • Technology: Hold one workshop to understand your existing Salesforce configuration, data model, and integrations
  • Stakeholders: Hold one stakeholder workshop to understand ownership and the challenges for maintaining and innovating Salesforce


  • Analyze workshop outcomes and define both business and technical recommendations for Salesforce


  • Deliver the recommended highest business value Salesforce recommendations in the form of a project scope
Business Workshop

The Benefits of an Optimization Assessment

Our assessment will provide a recommendation focused on internal efficiencies and the overall customer experience your organization provides:

Improved Efficiencies

Streamline operations and automate tasks to enhance productivity and accelerate project completion.

Mitigated Risks

Identify and address potential risks and vulnerabilities to ensure data security and system reliability.

Minimized Costs

Reduce unnecessary expenditures and optimize resource allocation for cost-effective operations.

Improved Adoption

Boost user engagement with tailored training and intuitive customization for a smoother transition.

Increased ROI

Maximize Salesforce’s value by optimizing features and functionalities to drive growth and success.

Ideal Organizations

If any of these statements resonate with your organization, Ascend’s Salesforce optimization assessment could be right for you!

  • Salesforce user adoption has decreased for your organization.
  • Some business processes are still being managed with spreadsheets.
  • Data quality issues are present.
  • Regular enhancements to Salesforce are not aligned with feature releases.
  • Technical debt is rising, and changes are difficult to deploy.
  • Your organization has endured long intervals without Salesforce ownership.

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