What Happens in a Security Risk Assessment?

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Simply put, a security risk assessment is a process of identifying possible negative consequences that could occur within any given environment. As this concept relates to small businesses, potential negative consequences can stem from a wide range of sources, some obvious and some subtle. Assessing the risks your business is taking is the first step to achieving control over possible threats to your future.

Identifying Assets and Their Respective Risks

A security risk assessment begins with identifying an organization’s assets and determining the risks associated with maintaining those assets. Ultimately, this means figuring out which measures of security are needed in order to prevent loss of value to your assets.

With this in mind, some cybersecurity aspects may seem readily apparent, such as using passwords to protect important data. However, a measure of security more easily overlooked is implementing a policy governing the creation, use, and storage of passwords to consistently and comprehensively protect valuable information.

Helping You See the Obvious and the Subtle

At Edafio, we will help you visualize both the simple and the complex issues that surround the security of your assets. By initiating a dialogue by phone, in person, or through virtual means, together, we can analyze your company, its policies and procedures, and the goals you envision for the healthy security of all assets.

We believe this unified approach during the discovery phase between our team and yours will maximize the potential for later success as we implement new ideas over time together. We combine our expertise in security with your expert knowledge of your business for the best results.

Our Analysis

After the discovery phase, our world-class cybersecurity team will begin analyzing all of the strengths and weaknesses that are currently incorporated into your working environment.

Since there is always risk involved with maintaining an asset, controls are needed to restore balance in the event that a risk transforms into an actual incident. Our analysis will show you which systems and controls are working well for your business so that you can continue to use and improve upon them.

Protecting the Blind Spots

Additionally, our team of analysts will do the hard work of identifying the areas of weakness within your current security measures. We will make an in-depth assessment of hardware, software, network configuration, internet firewalls, and many other factors.

By taking into account all of the physical and virtual means by which your company conducts business, we will be able to point out, and in turn, help you protect, those blind spots you don’t even know exist within your organization, as well as the ones you know about. We aim to help you uncover any and all security holes so that your goals for healthy cybersecurity can be realized.

The Three Pillars

The Edafio team is unified in its respect for information security’s three pillars: confidentiality, integrity, and availability. You can be confident that our analysis of your security risk assessment will maintain as its core focus the privacy and integrity of your data.

That means making it available only to those who should have access to it at the appropriate times and locations while consistently preventing unwanted intrusions. We seek to foster a sense of trust as our team coheres with yours, always treating with the utmost respect that which you value most, so you can be confident that your data is truly protected.

Our Report

Once our analysis is complete, we will walk you through your security systems’ current landscape and point out what we see along the way. We will begin with an outline of all assets within your organization and then identify the attendant vulnerabilities and risks associated with each one.

If there are multiple factors to be addressed, we will provide you with keen insight so you can form an order of operations and plan for the associated costs of new measures. By determining both short and long-term goals, together, we will develop a clear and concise plan to manageably implement changes over time.

Making Measurable, Proactive Progress

Because we prioritize transparency, you can be assured that the integration of our recommended changes will be quantifiable under scrutiny by third parties, such as vendors and auditors. Working together, we will create an objective, clearly identifiable steps that can be carried out progressively.

These measurable goals will allow for periodic reporting to appropriate parties and verify investments in new policies and procedures. Our report will essentially foster a proactive approach for risk assessment and protection, eliminating and protecting against current threats while preventing future threats from manifesting.

Implementing Your Security Risk Assessment

Once you have your final assessment and steps for implementation, the real work gets underway, and the Edafio team shines the brightest. We provide you with the education, training, and guidance necessary for successfully implementing positive change within your organization.

Our commitment is not just to fix your immediate problems but to transform your outlook and way of dealing with security concerns so that you can enjoy genuine growth and constant improvement. In other words, we want you to grow, and we want to grow with you!

Around the Clock Service

Our dedicated team is here to provide you with round-the-clock service, so you can be sure risks are being properly managed, and assets are adequately protected. We recognize the necessity for identifying environment-specific risks, tailoring our course of action to fit your specific needs. By entrusting your security to our team of professionals, you won’t have to spend sleepless nights worrying about threats to your business data. Let our team at Edafio be the ones to actively safeguard your valuables, even in the middle of the night.

In today’s increasingly internet-based, digital world, cybersecurity is necessary for all businesses. As experts in the field, we take the task of protecting your revenue and reputation seriously. By assessing your security needs, our team will work with you to formulate a plan to defend your assets proactively, and in turn, offer guidance for the incorporation of new security measures to keep you protected and growing as you go forward.

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