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Expanding Edafio Technology Partners’ Value to Clients

Edafio wireless network engineer Zach Green has earned the highly specialized and significant CCNP-Wireless Design Certification. This achievement recognizes Green’s mastery of the design aspects of enterprise wireless networking using access point placement, predictive heat mapping and facilitates the ability of a wireless ecosystem to create and secure high-performing networks using the Cisco way.

Given that most businesses requiring this enterprise-level expertise would otherwise require accessing Houston- or Dallas-based firms, NWA businesses have a significant advantage that the capability is now available through Arkansas-based Edafio Technology Partners.

“As Edafio’s wireless networking expert, Zach contributes to the design and implementation of all wireless projects,” said Brent Saunders, Edafio’s Network Team Lead. “Zach’s CCNP Enterprise Wireless certification is another testimony to his level of expertise in the wireless arena. Most of his focus for the past few years has been on our broad Aruba offerings. Still, Zach’s continual growth, both technically and professionally, shows his passion for technology and teamwork and dedication to our clients. He is always looking for ways to add value.”

Green, who has installed over a million square feet of wireless coverage in warehouses, hospitals, schools, and everything in between since 2006, is one of only a few wireless professionals in the tri-state area with this certification and the accompanying expertise to assess and translate network business requirements into technical specifications that result in successful business outcomes.

“The skills I earned from this certification enable me to plan and configure wireless networks for clients whose users are on the go, whether it’s in and out of patient rooms or office spaces,” said Green. “Not every need is the same, and many of our clients’ physical spaces vary, so I’ve studied how to work with a variety of scenarios to keep mobile devices connected and secure.

Green, who joined Edafio in 2019, serves as a key resource and subject matter expert responsible for ensuring that every client’s wireless network works effectively and seamlessly, regardless of the brand they use.

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