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Can You Beat the Hackers?

Race against the clock to gain security awareness and crack the code to escape.

Engage your employees in our interactive security awareness escape room that builds teamwork and guides them through an unforgettable learning experience.

Two people pointing and discussing a poster with clues on it in the escape room

Welcome to our Edafio Cyber-Escape Room!

What is an Escape Room?

With Edafio Cyber-Escape Room, employees have a designated time to search for clues, solve puzzles and decipher riddles to earn their escape, all while learning the basics of cybersecurity, how to keep information and assets safe and reduce the impact of a cyber-attack.

How It Works

Up to 10 players walk into an escape room—Tick tock.
Eight players are locked inside the Escape Room with a mission to crack the code and stop cybercriminals from attacking their company before the 30-minute timer runs out, and malware infects everything.

The objective is to discover clues, solve puzzles using elements of the room, and accomplish tasks to “escape” in a limited amount of time.

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Do you have what it takes to beat the Edafio Cyber Escape experience?

Security is everyone’s responsibility, and all employees must play their part. Cybersecurity awareness training, like the Cyber Escape Room, helps employees gain cybersecurity experience in real-world scenarios as well as understand best practices in a fun and safe environment.

We will test your logic, teamwork, communication, leadership skills and confidence. So, be ready to bring your strengths as you work together to escape the room before time runs out! 

What to Expect

  • Collaborate with your team to discover clues, solve puzzles, and accomplish cyber-related tasks to progress and “escape” within the time allowed.
  • 30-minute sessions for up to teams of ten
  • Tasks are aligned with security learning objectives. Upon successfully “escaping,” participants will receive a handout with the learning outcomes and an escape certificate.
  • The Edafio Cybersecurity Team facilitates the whole experience.

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Whether you are interested in training your staff in an engaging way or looking for an enjoyable activity for you and your friends, the Cyber Escape Room Experience is an adventure for you!

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