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Microsoft Security - Ascend Defend

A Comprehensive Suite of Managed Security Services crafted for Microsoft Business Premium customers.

As a Microsoft Security Solutions Partner, Ascend Defend brings you a comprehensive suite of managed security services aligned with the NIST security framework and your Business Premium licensing. From system administration to alerting and response, tailored services cover every aspect of cybersecurity, keeping your network safe behind multiple layers of defense.

Backed by our team of Microsoft-certified experts and our direct relationship with Microsoft support, Ascend Defend offers fundamental managed security services and prompt issue resolution, optimizing your safety while focus on growing your business.

Services You Gain

Identity Protection

Prevents unauthorized access and misuse by monitoring and detecting suspicious behavior.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Minimizes the risk of exploitation by requiring multiple verification methods, such as passwords and biometrics.

Endpoint Detection & Response

Secures endpoints such as computers, servers, and smartphones from malicious activities.

Email Security

Defends against email-based threats by implementing anti-phishing algorithms, real-time malware scanning, and sophisticated spam filters.

Email Encryption

Defends against email-based threats by implementing anti-phishing algorithms, real-time malware scanning, and sophisticated spam filters.

DNS filtering

Restricts or controls the type of content users can access, blocking harmful and inappropriate websites.

defense is in the details

Wondering how it all works? Here are some key features you’ll benefit from with this service:

advanced Threat Protection

Protective measures to detect and block malicious email content, including phishing attempts, malware, and ransomware.

Email Encryption

Encryption algorithms to encode email contents, attachments, and metadata, rendering them unreadable to unauthorized parties during transmission.

Spam Filtering

Filtering technologies to automatically identify and quarantine spam emails, reducing inbox clutter and minimizing the risk of users falling victim to phishing scams.

What Sets Ascend Apart?


As a Microsoft Solutions Security Partner, Ascend seamlessly incorporates premier solutions such as Microsoft Defender and Azure Sentinel into your IT infrastructure. Leveraging our expertise within the Microsoft ecosystems, our team configures and optimizes these solutions to fit your specific environment and security needs.

Microsoft-Certified Support

Ascend operates two U.S.-based Security Operation Centers providing 24/7 monitoring and support. Our talented SOC team is backed by multiple prestigious Microsoft certifications, including Security Operations Analyst, Identity and Access Administrators, and Microsoft 365 Security Administration, among others. A high level of expertise ensures excellent service, as reflected in our glowing client testimonials.

Expedited Priority

Our exclusive partnership with Microsoft support automatically ensures expedited issue resolution with preferred status. This means your tickets are handled with priority, starting at Level 2 (or Level 3 with justification), and providing comprehensive case management, escalation, and technical consultations for complex cases.


Ascend Defend Service Sheet

Discover the power of enhanced protection with our complimentary Ascend Defend one-page service sheet, exclusively available for download on our website. This invaluable resource provides a comprehensive overview of our managed service, detailing all its features and benefits to assist you in your buying journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

What certifications ensure the security and reliability of Ascend’s security services?

Our UCS/SOC 2 Type 2 Certification guarantees the highest trust and peace of mind. We prioritize security through robust IT consulting and cybersecurity measures.

Why should our organization leverage the Microsoft security tools?

Microsoft’s security tools are already included for their most popular license, business premium, which means many organization already have the tools at their disposal. Our team can help you leverage those tools for unified protection, threat intelligence, automating security tasks, ensure compliance with industry standards, and it integrates seamlessly with your other solutions. Adopting these tools maximizes your security posture. 

Harness The Power of Endpoint Detection & Response

Don’t allow IT disruptions to impede your success. Team up with Ascend and unleash the potential of our 24/7 Operations Center to enhance your IT support, security, and efficiency. Connect with us now to initiate the journey!

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