6 Reasons To Initiate A Network Assessment Today

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A network assessment is an in-depth investigation of your current IT environment. The network assessment provides you with a deeper understanding of your network environment and crucial improvements like network consolidation, segmentation, automation and simplification.

As businesses embark on aggressive restructuring of their routine operations through digitization, networks are laden with multiple applications. For companies with multiple users sharing designated platforms, users are likely to trudge through a lackluster experience following a poor network performance. Here are six reasons to initiate a network assessment today.

When launching a critical application

The internet is full of surprises, particularly for digital enterprises willing to bear the brunt for a better ROI. When you install a new application, implement a digital strategy, or overhaul a critical part of your digital infrastructure, network assessment is a necessity, not an option. This is because a network assessment will provide a roadmap of your IT infrastructure and help you understand the technical requirements and obstacles.

A network assessment is critically underpinning for enterprises undertaking new developments. For instance, most SMEs are moving all their communication services to Skype for Business, others are undertaking innovative developments with SD-WAN, and many are moving to Office 365 shop. Regardless of the direction undertaken, network assessment helps map potential vulnerabilities and scales business performance even in the face of adjustments on your network.

Dodge the next malicious attack

Cybersecurity is a growing priority for businesses eying long-term solutions. Cybersecurity protects any vulnerabilities through diagnostic tools, but achieving the desired security levels demands the implementation and enforcement of specific network security policies and protocols. The reason you might need a network assessment today is that the next malicious attack is lying somewhere in the corner, waiting for the opportune moment to strike.

A network assessment would not only prevent incessant finger-pointing across the IT, but it may also save an entire network from being corrupted by malicious ware. Cybersecurity experts recommend that one way to achieve the desired levels of security is to harden the network so that hackers with access and means will automatically fail. Initiating a network assessment today exempts you from being a victim of the next cybercrime.

Network assessment helps you identify protocol enhancement techniques like network segmentation. They may help you identify potential vulnerabilities as well as opportunities. For instance, when your users access data from a flat network, a security breach may spread quickly across the entire network. Network segmentation reduces the attack surface and may simplify your compliance reporting whenever it is needed.

To fit in modern software-defined infrastructure.

Currently, businesses are scaling with modern software-defined digitized infrastructures. So, if you are embarking online, consider the opportunities within your range. A network assessment is a priority today because of the growing reliance on digital services and mounting pressure to undertake new developments. Edging out your competitors will require that you collaborate with a trusted network assessment partner.

The Edafio Technology Partners offer network assessment services as a roadmap for your IT systems. Through the Edafio Network Assessment solutions, you can gain broader visibility of your network infrastructure and zero in on opportunities like network automation and consolidation. A network assessment will save you hours and free you for other strategic activities. With a network assessment partner, you can easily transition to value-added tasks without headaches from backups, disaster recovery and administrative tasks.

Uncover cost-saving potential

One of the ways companies use to edge competitors in highly dynamic markets is by cutting costs and deploying a cost-centric approach. However, identifying the right cost-saving path is like searching for a needle in a haystack. The Covid-19 pandemic has even made matters worse for businesses with awful developments like downsizing, layoffs, downturns, and dwindling sales. This means that cost saving is a strategic priority for enterprises wading through this devastating catastrophe.

Network assessment helps you to uncover potential cost-savings in your network environment. More simply, network assessment opens up opportunities like cloud computing, allowing you to access as much capacity as you need to scale dynamically. Therefore, one way to uncover a serious cost-saving potential is to leverage network assessment solutions to seize countless opportunities in the cloud and online.

Scaling business operations

Computer networking breeds countless security management possibilities, hardware sharing by a shared pool of users, data management, and data sharing. The need to initiate a network assessment is to become a living ecosystem with all these developments and capabilities. Due to a pressing need to remain competitive and profitable at the same time, enterprise leaders are becoming more invested in technology than ever before through network assessment solutions, automation, and virtualization.

Therefore, to join the ranks of successful enterprises, you need to turn your network from a loose, motley patchwork tied together to function for only a minute into a finely tuned, well-oiled machine designed from the onset with a strategic goal to foresee vulnerabilities and opportunities. Therefore, today network assessment remains at the center of continuous improvement for persons eying future possibilities.

The transition from assessment to a real business opportunity

If you seek a hardened security posture, better agility, and improved results, a network assessment solution might be the leverage you need to leap forward. For starters, getting a view of your current-state IT infrastructure and topology is the beginning; however, conducting a network assessment will give you the information you need to identify and pitch new solutions and investments for your enterprise.

Today, with a comprehensive network assessment from trusted partners and providers like Edafio, your approach to projects and technologies will become more data-driven, agile, and performance-centric than ever before. And if you are ready to uncover hidden treasures and opportunities inside your network, look first for experts like Edafio. They have specialization in essential areas like networking, virtualization, automation, and the expertise required to map out truly next-gen network infrastructure.


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