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Over the past several years, cyberattacks have become a major concern for most companies. Cybercriminals are becoming smarter and know just the right vulnerabilities to exploit. Similarly, businesses are more aware of cyber risks and are investing heavily in cybersecurity. 

However, there is one major risk that is often overlooked when creating a cybersecurity strategy: human beings. Findings reported by Ipsos in 2020 show that only 11% of businesses provided cybersecurity training to non-cyber employees. 

Human error is the biggest risk in the cybersecurity of any company. These errors can be a simple mistake, forgetting, or even falling victim to some fraudulent schemes that compromise the organization’s security. 

Regardless of how strong your security system is, it is important to conduct regular cyber health training for your employees. Cyber health training and awareness involves educating your employees on the potential cyber threats and their risks to your company. 

Cyber health training at your workplace can also involve teaching your employees the best practices and procedures to prevent and mitigate cyber-attacks. Employees should be made aware of how their actions can compromise the company’s security. 

Here are some reasons why every business needs regular cyber health training at the workplace: 

1. Creating Awareness 

As already mentioned earlier, human beings might be the weakest link in your cybersecurity system. No matter how sophisticated your system is, it will not weather a cyber attack if the users are unaware of the cyber risks and threats. 

Conducting regular cyber health training at your workplace will create awareness among your employees on the cyber threats out there and the potential vulnerabilities in your system. Employees will also know how their actions can compromise the security system. 

If regular cybersecurity training is offered to all employees, employees will be well prepared to recognize a cyber threat. Training will also create awareness of what protocol to follow in case of a cyber threat. Well-trained employees will be a reinforcement to your cybersecurity defense line. 

2. Improve Security 

Regular cyber health training at the workplace will increase the security of your business. Cyber awareness among your employees will reduce the risks of human error that might open a window for cyber-attacks. 

It is much easier for cyber criminals to launch a phishing scheme either via email or phone call or text message to your employees than attacking your network system. These criminals are already aware that businesses have invested heavily in cybersecurity hardware and software. 

Hence they target the weak link in the system, the employees. Regular cybersecurity training prepares employees to be able to recognize a cyber threat and the best practices to avoid falling victim to such schemes. 

Generally, regular cyber health training empowers the weakest link in your system hence reducing the risks of a cyberattack. 

3. Maintain Cybersecurity Compliance

Cybersecurity standards and regulations are always changing to ensure maximum protection for users. The relevant governing bodies release these policies to the public and it is up to you to ensure that your business keeps up with the latest standards. 

Regular training of your employees on cyber health will ensure that not only is your infrastructure compliant with the standards but also your employees. Regular training on the latest updates on best practices will ensure compliance with the authorities. 

For companies that deal with sensitive data and information, training your employees will ensure that they are aware of the correct protocol to follow to prevent data breaches. Some industries also require data to be stored in a particular format. Hence, it is important to train employees to ensure compliance with industry standards. 

4. Employee Empowerment 

With so many cyber threats out there, it is highly likely for employees to second guess their actions at work. They are not sure what will compromise the company and what is secure anymore. And here is where cyber health training comes in. 

Cyberhealth training equips employees with the necessary and up-to-date information on cybersecurity. As a result, employees will be able to identify social engineering threats and deal with them appropriately. After all, information is power. 

Information will boost the confidence of your employees, consequently boosting their productivity. They don’t have to rely on the IT department to resolve minor cyber issues hence more time is dedicated to doing their actual work. 

5. Customer Retention 

To gain the loyalty of your customers and partners your business has to be trustworthy. For your business to be trusted by clients and partners, they have to feel secure working with you. 

A cyber-attack and a data breach will most likely destroy your reputation. As a result, your business ends up losing customers and partnerships. A survey by OnePoll indicated that out of 2000 respondents, 86.55% would cut ties with a company that suffered a data breach. 

Regular cyber health training programs at your workplace can boost clients’ and partners’ trust in your organization. Training your employees on how to confidentiality and securely handle sensitive information will reduce the risks of data breaches so your company retains clients and partners. 

6. Prevent Downtime

Training employees on the existing cyber threats and the appropriate channels to report these matters can reduce potential downtime. Early detection will allow the IT team to isolate the threat and ensure that it doesn’t spread across the entire system. 

Isolating and addressing the threat will help reduce operational downtime in your entire system. This will ensure that your clients are not denied any services and that data breaches are avoided. 

7. Prevent Monetary and Legal Damages 

Cybersecurity awareness and compliance will help your company to avoid monetary and legal damages. Reduced downtime will save your business some operational losses that you would have incurred if the system went down. Early detection of cyber threats will also save time spent trying to patch the system in case of an attack. 

Data breach of confidential information will not only lead to the loss of customers and partners but might also lead to legal damages. Failing to meet compliance standards and regulations can also lead to legal issues. 

So, a regular cyber training program can help you comply with the standards and operational losses. 

Cyber Health Training with Edafio 

Edafio is a well-established IT company with cybersecurity expertise. If your company wants to improve its cybersecurity plan, then training your employees can no longer be overlooked. At Edafio, we engage your employees in an interactive security awareness learning experience. 

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