9 IT Resolutions for 2023

IT Resolutions for 2023
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The new year comes with renewed hope, passion, and commitment to your daily endeavors. For most professionals and businesspersons, the new year is a time to make new commitments that will make you grow professionally and individually.

Although some factors are likely to add to your success in any given new year, technology plays a pivotal role, considering that it’s more embedded in our everyday life.

Here are 10 resolutions you can consider for 2022.

  1. Declutter your digital spaces

Your digital spaces are virtual environments where you store and access data such as your desktop, cloud accounts, email inboxes, and smartphone’s home screen.

So, considering that you spend substantial amounts of time in these digital spaces, it’s crucial to normalize tidying them up occasionally to boost your productivity levels.

For instance, you can organize your email box by unsubscribing from irrelevant newsletters and setting up filters to categorize and prioritize the most important emails.

2. Prioritize your productivity apps

Benjamin Mays once observed that the tragedy in life is not being unable to reach your goals but having no objectives. Productivity essentially means getting a lot done in less time.

2023 is the year to boost your productivity by prioritizing your productivity apps. Leveraging your productivity apps to manage your tasks more effectively is the most crucial tech resolution for 2023.

For instance, you can optimize an app like Calendly or Microsoft Bookings to organize tasks and meetings. Alternatively, you can subscribe to Microsoft Planner to schedule and prioritize your tasks more efficiently.

  • Improve your online security

Security is of utmost concern to enterprises dealing with large amounts of sensitive and personal information. Financial institutions handling and processing large sets of personally-identifying data are at risk of attacks by cybercriminals.

In 2023, make online security a tech resolution by subscribing to an online security service. Leverage trusted cybersecurity providers or managed IT providers.

Whether in tech, finance, or healthcare, boosting your online security will help you scale speedily and respond to attacks more swiftly and efficiently. Managed service providers offer affordable and timely security services tailored to your individual security needs.

  • Protect your mission

Protect your company’s mission no matter the risks and volatility that are in store. To protect your company’s mission, aim to use technology levers such as artificial intelligence, automation, and virtualization.

The growing significance of automated technologies must be maintained, especially in improving the productivity and efficiency of business processes. So, if you need help managing your invoices, consider an automated e-procurement system.

And if you need help with communicating, responding, and addressing your customers’ most pressing concerns, consider a CRM system like Salesforce or Zoho. Technology levers will help you with recurring tasks, saving you money and time.

  • From reactive mindset to strategic IT

Most Chief Information Officers experienced a boost in status as they were able to move towards transformative technologies and more robust digital initiatives. In 2023, consider making strategic IT an underpinning organizational initiative.

A large chunk of work by organizations occurred in reaction to the pandemic. And although working to respond to the pandemic worked a great deal and brought numerous successes, staying in a reactionary mode is no longer sustainable.

That’s why you need to make strategic IT a critical component of your business process. Organizational leaders and business managers must shift from a reactionary mindset to a strategic IT approach.

Part of being strategic is deploying managed service providers to provide a host of IT solutions tailored to discrete business needs – vCIO

cybersecurity, automation, and maintenance of IT infrastructure.

  • Integrated business IT

One of the core tech priorities is to integrate business with IT. Business leaders must be strategic in how they view and deal with business and IT. Today, more than ever, business processes are becoming more intertwined with information technology, calling for business leaders to be more pragmatic in how they view IT.

In this time and age, there need to be fewer differences between business and IT. Business leaders must aggressively invest in new technologies and cybersecurity that boost business efficiency and, more importantly, protect your data.

Technologies such as big data, data analytics, automation, and artificial intelligence need to be absorbed and integrated into business processes to yield more reliability and predictability in business outcomes.

  • Accelerate efficiency

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown just how awful things can turn at a time of greater unpredictability. The hospitality and retail sectors were the worst hit at the advent of the pandemic.

Consumers massively shifted to online shopping, and consumers cut their discretionary spending with the emergence of social distancing measures. Hotels, fast-food stores, and restaurants suffered major blows with new regulations around social distancing.

Operational efficiency has proven to be the solution to the uncertainty surrounding macroeconomics. Supply chains need to be more efficient and deliver value than ever before.

Organizations must work hard to ensure they’re well-focused and heavily invested in hyper automation and self-governed systems. In addition, organizations must be focused on processes and interoperability to ensure they can respond to periods of greater unpredictability.

  • Learning tech skills

It would help if you empowered yourself and your workforce with new tech skills. Skills like programming, social media management, and data analysis are burgeoning.

Teaching your workers new data analysis skills will help your organization tap big data like consumer shopping habits and spending patterns into increased revenues. In addition, teaching your workforce social media management will help reinforce your digital brand strategy and boost productivity and overall sales.

  • Automate workflows

Finally, make automation a high-ranking tech priority in 2023. Long are the days we used to print invoices, distribute order forms through the mail, and even send receipts in physical form.

Automating your workflows helps you minimize errors and improve your productivity. You can achieve more with less by automating your most recurring tasks – invoicing, sending requisition forms, and collecting order forms. In addition, automating your workflows helps you tap into productivity and make maximum use of technology to boost your bottom line.

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