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ATTEN: CrtypoAPI Critical Patch today

Today marks the End-of-Life for Windows 7 support – meaning that, from now on, no security updates will be issued on Patch Tuesdays for Windows 7 systems. 

Microsoft just released a CVE-2020-0601 patch to address a critical vulnerability in all Windows Operating systems. Early indications are that the patch addresses cryptography functions that could have a broad impact on authentication, encryption, software signing and allow malicious software to appear legitimate to the Windows Operating system.

Edafio is currently performing a risk analysis of the vulnerability. Edafio will begin testing the patch today, and our testing is expected to conclude this weekend. Once the risk assessment and testing are concluded, we will coordinate with our clients on an accelerated patch deployment.

For immediate assistance contact our Service Desk

Email: [email protected]

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NWA: 479-876-8855

Link for more info: https://krebsonsecurity.com/2020/01/cryptic-rumblings-ahead-of-first-2020-patch-tuesday/


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