Before You Call It A Day, Back-Up Your Data

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Did you know that Wednesday, March 31st, is World Backup Day?  

This day serves as a friendly reminder to ensure that your data is backed up and protected. Still, it doesn’t hurt to get a yearly reminder that there is never a bad time to ask yourself: have you backed up your data recently and make sure that you and your business are prepared for the worst, especially after what we experienced in 2020.

Your data is more valuable than your device.

Hardware is relatively affordable and only getting more so, but do you know what’s not cheap or could even be considered priceless? 

The video of your parent’s 50th anniversary, the financial spreadsheet you just updated, or the presentation due for the board meeting. 

You can always get a new laptop or phone, but you can’t buy back your data.

So What Do You Do? 

Back it up!

By backing up your data, you’re making another copy of everything you never want to lose. If something happens to the originals, you can restore your computer’s backups (or phone, tablet, etc.) with a backup service.

Technically, a backup refers to any piece of data that lives in two places. The purpose of a backup is to have a recovery plan should the original data become unavailable, so it’s normal to keep backups offsite like in the cloud or, at the very least, on a second hard drive or an internal one.

Why You Should Back Up

Several scenarios could take place where having a backup of your data would be helpful:

  • Your phone gets lost, and you lose all your contacts and pictures
  • An external hard drive malfunctions, deleting your prized videos
  • Your laptop is stolen from your car, and you’ve lost all your documents
  • A cyberattack holds your information hostage until you pay to remove the restraints
  • You inadvertently delete something important

How to observe #WorldBackupDay

Before you call it a day, do your part and take the pledge to back up your computer, tablet, phone and other treasured devices today and consider investing in an external hard drive or, better yet, buy some space in the cloud. 

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