AMPs Dyanmic Duo recognizes the Schwilling Brothers

Justin and Chris Schwilling
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We are thrilled to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of Justin and Chris Schwilling, who have made the AMP’s Dynamic Duo List for 2023. Arkansas is home to numerous dynamic duos, and we are proud to honor these siblings for their remarkable achievements in the IT industry and their commitment to philanthropy.

As colleagues at Edafio Technology Partners in Arkansas, Chris and Justin have collaborated on numerous projects, including assisting clients in the healthcare, accounting, and non-profit sectors. Chris has been instrumental in helping clients adopt modern workplace solutions through Microsoft 365 and cloud capabilities, while Justin’s expertise has helped provide IT support and design for various clients, including the Arkansas Surgical Hospital and the newly re-opened Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts.

Working together has been a rewarding experience for the Schwilling brothers, and their shared history has allowed them to work efficiently and complement each other’s strengths. Beyond their professional accomplishments, Chris enjoys cycling and playing drums at Fellowship Bible Church, while Justin shares his love for gardening and landscaping with his family and has taken up home barista during the pandemic.

Their work in the IT industry and dedication to their clients is a testament to their expertise, teamwork, and commitment to excellence. We are proud to recognize Justin and Chris Schwilling as outstanding examples of a dynamic duo making a significant impact on their community and industry.

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