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Friendship Community Care Video Testimonial

Friendship Community Care CEO Craig Cloud explains more about his experience with us, the service and why he would recommend Edafio to any organization looking to strengthen its IT needs.

“Bringing Edafio on has been a great success. It was one of Friendship Community Care’s best decisions ever made as a company and an organization,” said Craig Cloud, Chief Executive Officer for Friendship Community Care (FCC). Friendship Community Care has grown and become the largest nonprofit service provider in Arkansas for individuals with special needs, developmental, intellectual disabilities, and severe behavioral health needs and challenges.

FCC’s relationship with Edafio started in late 2019 when Cloud started at Friendship. As he began to work throughout the organization, he realized that FCC required more significant infrastructure and technology across its operations and organization to help it better serve the needs of its clients and families across the state.

Bringing Edafio on has been a great success. It was one of Friendship Community Care’s best decisions ever made as a company and an organization

Craig Cloud, Chief Executive Officer for Friendship Community Care

Edafio’s goal is to support FCC’s teams by providing comprehensive IT industry expertise on large and complex projects and the day-to-day operational support to help it complete its mission of empowering people with disabilities to lead dignified lives.

Carson Seelinger with Craig Cloud

The partnership is designed specifically to help manage rapid growth and evolving regulatory requirements and the associated complexity of IT systems and infrastructure. Edafio is responsible for managing all IT operations and providing comprehensive application services and support utilizing both on-site and remote offerings. The services include support/management, a 24/7/365 service desk, infrastructure support, data center operations, network administration, desktop operations, project management/administration and cybersecurity consulting.

Healthcare information technology in Arkansas
Carson Seelinger, Craig Cloud and Jennifer Davis outside the Friendship Community Care Foundation

“Friendship Community Care has an extraordinary and vital mission, and their dedication to excellence and being a forward-thinking organization is what sets it apart,” said Carson Seelinger, Edafio Client Engagement Leader for FCC. “And our goal is to work alongside its teams to provide its clinics the IT excellence needed to carry out its mission. Whether it’s help desk support, IT projects, or cybersecurity consulting, our teams work closely with Friendship and provide the IT foundation that allows it to focus on serving its communities.”

As a nonprofit entity, FCC needed to watch its bottom line to help make the necessary investments to strengthen its processes and add the required security to its systems to protect the data and private health information it stores for the individuals FCC serves.

“Looking at our overall technology, much of our systems, networks and devices were aging. They were not the most modern; They were not helping us operate as efficiently and effectively as we needed. Edafio was able to come in and identify some measures that we can take cost-effectively,” said Cloud.

“If a company was looking for an IT company, I would not hesitate to reach out to Edafio. They are an entity with a full-service qualified staff available to assist you and your organization and strengthen meeting your IT needs,” said Cloud.

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