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Microsoft in 2022
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While motivating your associates, providing quality products and services, and appeasing clients are crucial to maintaining a successful business, do you ever feel pressured to ensure security, cutting-edge technology gives your company the competitive advantage you need? As a Microsoft Gold Partner M365, Edafio Technology Partners has the expertise to provide trustworthy advice and help you avoid wasting precious resources on ill-suited technology.

Microsoft Gold Partner M365

At Edafio, we provide a wide range of services to our business partners, including cybersecurity, network management, and IT consulting tailored to meet your business’s unique needs and aspirations. With over 20 years of experience in supporting company technology strategies, our team of certified associates has a range of consulting expertise spanning the technological field. We are trusted advisors on navigating and securing cloud services, preparing clients for HIPAA readiness assessments, general IT management and support, etc.

We use a team approach and work with unquestionable integrity to provide local business partners depth and quality in our capabilities and responsiveness and flexibility with our on-site model. We are certified by Microsoft to navigate any questions concerning Microsoft products. Because we are committed to the success of our clients, we stay up-to-date on technological advances that we believe would help your company achieve its goals. Here is what to expect from our partner, Microsoft, in 2022. 

The Mesh Metaverse for Microsoft Teams

Mesh for Microsoft Teams has built access to a mixed-reality work platform that allows its users to meet with anyone and to meet from anywhere.

Holographic Rendering

Mesh provides holographic rendering of objects in a 3D, shared workspace that enables coworkers to pick up and put down projects as if they were in the room together. The high-quality holographic rendering provides a highly detailed image that allows coworkers to meticulously scrutinize any object under review. The image can be saved and shared from the perspective of any team member, allowing teams to truly see issues through each other’s eyes.


Focusing on the feeling of presence, Mesh provides spatial audio that allows team members to feel like they are in the room together. Users create avatars to navigate virtual rooms and spaces, and each avatar can demonstrate live facial expressions and hand motions to provide the most humanistic experience possible. Inspired by the inability to share “presence” during the pandemic, Mesh emphasizes creating virtual spaces that enable users to show up in the ways they are most comfortable.


In its creation, Mesh for Microsoft Teams ensures the security and encryption of data during its use. Because it is provided using a cloud-based server, our certified engineers and associates can ensure that any personal information shared over the mixed-reality metaverse is safe. Our trustworthy advice in navigating this tool will allow you the comfort to use it free of worry. 

New Clouds by Industry

Microsoft’s leading cloud-based technology will now be available for businesses customized by the industry. Microsoft will provide industry-specific cloud service tools for the following sectors: Financial Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Nonprofit Organizations, Retail, and Sustainability. Here is a closer look at a few of those tools.

Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services

Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services will build upon its existing tools for banks, investment firms, and other types of financial institutions. With a focus on building connections between old and new systems, this cloud services tool will allow users to bridge the gap between new and legacy systems, enabling users to put previously collected data to use in the updated tool. Its Unified Customer Profile tool allows users to target their efforts toward clients who need their services the most.

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare

While the platform for Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare currently exists, this cloud services tool will be getting a significant update this year. This update improves the ability of healthcare professionals to provide more comprehensive patient care, aims to improve patient engagement, and ensures privacy and data security to protect the sensitive medical information of all patients.

Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing

Microsoft offers an end-to-end, holistic cloud tool specifically designed for the manufacturing industry: it provides new tools for supply chain visibility, improves hybrid workers’ experience and training, and reinforces employee safety. Manufacturers can use these tools to create a digital model of a physical supply chain and use that model to predict disruptions and prevent them. It would allow manufacturers to contemplate impacts using simulations and model scenarios to find the perfect solution to any potential issue.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) at Scale

The Technology Behind AI at Scale

Microsoft has worked to build an understanding of AI never experienced before. They have developed a technology based on a computer program’s ability to conduct self-supervised learning or learning from unlabeled data. A computer knows how words relate to each other. This skill allows a computer to increase the accuracy of tasks it is programmed to complete while reducing the need for labeled data and ensuring privacy.

How AI at Scale Can Help Your Business

AI “at scale” allows more small businesses and companies to take advantage of this technology without the need for hefty data servers to support this capability. Supercomputing power available in Microsoft Azure now builds these capabilities into an easily accessible platform that allows businesses to take advantage of tools that increase employee productivity, market research capabilities, and revenue expansion without building the infrastructure alone. 

Navigating the ever-expanding world of technology is daunting and overwhelming for business owners. As a Microsft Gold Partner M365, our leadership in the field enables us to consider the needs and goals of each of our unique clients. No matter the size or prestige of your company, we pride ourselves on integrity in service and on treating our clients and each other with humility and respect. Contact Edafio Technology Partners today for your IT consulting and service needs!

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