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Here are eight reasons how Northwest Arkansas businesses are leveraging wide area & local area network design: 

  1. Speed
  2. Ease of use
  3. Information transfer
  4. Constant security
  5. Remote accessibility
  6. Geographical coverage
  7. Flexibility
  8. Increased efficiency

Computer networks can be classified by many methods: structure, authorization, purpose, and geographical reach. However, the most common metric is geographical coverage. Having a sound understanding and an in-depth knowledge of different network designs will help you select one that’s best suited for your needs.

A local area network is the most common design. The LAN network is mostly used in businesses, schools, homes, and small commercial buildings. The LAN network interconnects devices and systems in a small geographical space. Therefore, small and medium-sized businesses leverage LAN network design for routine processes.

In addition, the scale and size of devices don’t limit the capacity of a local area network. Your business can have hundreds of computers, and your home can host dozens of computers, but the LAN will still provide sufficient processing power.

The wide area network is another network design. The WAN supports large groups of computers and endpoints over vast distances. Take, for instance, a company with regional offices located in different geographical locations, and each office has its LAN connected to the WAN network. Therefore, the WAN computer design is a conglomeration of LANs.

Businesses across Northwest Arkansas are undertaking massive deployments of different computer networks. The two used computer networks are the local area and the wide-area network. The local area network is used in Arkansas to enable businesses to connect to a computer network and share information.

So, how is Northwest Arkansas using local and wide area networks?

1. Speed

Most small and medium-sized enterprises in Arkansas are using the local area network. The local area network covers relatively small geographical locations, thus providing maximum speed. It takes approximately 13 hours to download 4 million articles off Wikipedia using a local area network, but doing the same on a WAN would take 16 days. A local area network operates thirty times faster than a wide area network

2. Ease of Use

A local area network is easy to install. Businesses have to contact a local service provider, buy some network switches and Ethernet cables, and be ready to go. In addition, it’s possible to see how a local area network is used over a Wi-Fi network. Alternatively, you can use standard Ethernet connections to design a local area network available to different endpoints: computers, smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

3. Information Transfer

Arkansas businesses are leveraging a local area network to transfer data and files between different locations and offices. With a LAN design, you can transfer data from all locations and share files with diverse partners – from Bentonville to Fayetteville and from Rogers to Springdale – all at the comfort of your home or office. The superior speed of the LAN provides easy transferability of data, enhancing collaborations, building relationships, and fostering business performance.

4. Remote Accessibility

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought along drastic changes to conventional work patterns. Measures set to combat the spread like social distancing and work-from-home regulations have forced employers and organizations to consider the latter as a new frontier. Organizations are already investing in work-from-home systems, with computing incentives given to employees as tokens and virtualization being undertaken to replace traditional systems.

A WAN allows users to access computers and hosted resources remotely. For instance, WAN enables employers and organizations to access their official work network from the comfort of their homes through the help of an internet connection. That means that triad personnel can access patient history, prescription records, and clinical files from home via a WAN deployed in the hospital.

In Northwestern Arkansas, businesses are similarly using the WAN network. The WAN is being used to connect data centers and offices such that employees can communicate, exchange files, and collaborate on shared projects, whether working in the office or at home. For instance, an insurance agent in Springdale can send insurance policies and premium receipts to a firm in Rogers or Washington solely using a WAN. WAN provides remote accessibility that can be leveraged to streamline business operations and foster collaboration and productivity.

5. Consistent Security

Organizations in Northwest Arkansas are using WAN for maximum security. WAN allows secure data transfer without releasing or exposing this information over the internet. Businesses located in different towns or suburbs across Arkansas can share information and files securely. In addition, data encryption provided by WAN adds an extra layer of security, thus boosting confidentiality and user privacy. Consistent security is among the ways Arkansas businesses are using WAN network design.

6. Geographical Coverage

If your business operates strictly in Rogers, Washington County, or Bentonville, you may need a local area network to support information and data transfer within these locations. But if you work in offices located across three (or more) towns or geographies, you will need a wide area network to transfer files freely and securely. The extended geographical scope of WAN allows enterprises to connect faster with their stakeholders: client groups, directors, suppliers, etc. WAN provides real-time, reliable collaboration with partners and employees.

7. Flexibility

A wide area network requires the installation of a server at one location known as the primary data center. Eliminating the need to set up multiple servers makes data management a straightforward process. Northwest Arkansas businesses are using a primary data center to store data and manage routine operations in offices located in different geographical areas. Centralizing data management provides a streamlined flow of operations and a smooth workflow.

8. Efficiency

As compared to LAN, WAN has improved data upload speeds and provides unlimited monthly limits on data transfer. WAN supports multiple applications (enterprise resources, production systems, customer relationships, accounting, etc), and improves productivity across the board. Indeed, WAN is considered a robust computer infrastructure that reduces processing costs and improves productivity.

Edafio Technology Partners – Accelerating WAN or LAN Uptake

Selecting a LAN or WAN design will depend entirely on your business: operations, scale, size, and coverage. If you’re operating a single enterprise with clients located in a particular geographic location in Northwest Arkansas, a LAN network is a perfect suite. However, if you’re based in Northwest Arkansas but have client groups, offices, and departments spewed all over Northwestern Arkansas, a WAN network is ideal.

Contact Edafio to get advice on the best network design for your business needs.

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