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New NWA Intern Jacob Murrell
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Today, we are delighted to introduce Jacob Murrell to Edafio! Jacob is our first NWA sales intern hire who will help cultivate and build relationships with businesses looking to improve their IT and cyber posture. Be sure to say hello to Jacob and welcome him to our rapidly growing company!

The new hire spotlights recognize the people-powered stories of the incredible individuals committed to our clients’ and Edafio’s success and are fundamental to our vibrant culture. From consultants and engineers to sales leaders and administration and beyond, we’ll get to the heart of our team so you can get to know us a little bit better and find out what makes us tick.

Now let’s learn more about Jacob~

Tell us a little about yourself, and what do you like to do most outside of work?

My name is Jacob Murrell. I was born and raised in Springfield, Missouri, with my dad, mom, and brother for the first 18 years of my life. My time was consumed by baseball and football year-round, with occasional hunting or fishing trips. After graduation, I worked at a country club as a Clubhouse Assistant before coming to the University of Arkansas in the Fall. 

Being one of two guys in my grade that came to the U of A, I started searching for the best way to make friends and decided that Greek Life was the best option. Since becoming a member of Sigma Nu, I have served as the New Member Educator, and I’m about to start my second term as President. At the end of the day, I love the Lord, and I love helping others become the best version of themselves.  

What does your job entail?

As a sales intern, I will prospect for potential clients within the greater Arkansas area. My goal is to give our team members a deeper insight into companies and land second meetings to discuss our services further.

What brought you to Edafio

An alumnus of my Fraternity recommended the company to me. I was highly impressed with how kind and humble the team members were throughout the interview process. I saw Edafio as a place where I could thrive and improve my skills while helping companies in the area with the technical assistance they need to succeed.

Motto or personal mantra

Stay disciplined and get comfortable being uncomfortable.

What do you like to do most outside of work?

I spend time with my friends and work on my fitness through running or lifting.

Do you have a favorite newspaper, newsletter, book, blog and/or podcast?

The Ed Mylett Show

What skill do you think everyone should learn?

Sales because no matter what profession you are in, there will be some form of selling involved. Whether it’s a physical item or your personal skills, you have to be able to articulate something of value.  

Are you interested in working at Edafio? Check out our Careers page to learn more about who we are and our current openings!

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