Investing In IT Managed Services Frees Up Time for Your Internal IT Team

Investing in IT Managed Services
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Investing in IT Managed Services is something businesses of all sizes need to consider. IT infrastructure, like cloud computing, is essential, but so too are staff members that can support your operations and keep the business running smoothly. However, given the diversity of specializations in IT, companies can’t hire a person for every possible situation. That would be ineffective and burden your bottom line. Managed service providers for IT can help you fill in the gaps, liberate your IT team, and propel your company forward.

What Managed Service Providers Do

Managed service providers for IT quite literally manage your IT services. Just as a company might outsource its cleaning operations to a professional sanitation company, so too can you outsource your IT operations to a third party. Your IT services are managed by IT experts, like the ones at Edafio. IT managed services are great for cybersecurity, data management, keeping your software and hardware up to date through automatic updates and upgrade recommendations, and IT support. 

But how can a managed services provider in Arkansas fix a problem happening on the other side of town? Thanks to increased internet bandwidth nationwide and the rise of cloud storage and computing, it’s easier than ever for managed IT services to help you from a distance. In fact, remote IT management is now more efficient and effective than hiring a complete IT team. In addition, we can help you move more operations into the cloud for maximum efficiency.

Cloud Computing Enables Remote Assistance

Just a decade ago, the idea of managing all of your IT needs from afar was laughable. However, the cloud has completely changed the way we think about IT. Before cloud computing, software had to be run on company servers. These massive units were not only expensive to build and maintain but were also difficult to access due to security reasons. Any company that wanted to be successful had to have a robust IT department and the infrastructure to match.

Nowadays, cloud service providers like Microsoft Azure and Edafio Cloud Services have made it possible for even tiny startups to get top-notch cybersecurity and IT management. Instead of investing in your own hardware, you simply pay for the processing power you need from an advanced data center like us. Since internet connections are much faster today, you can link a cloud system to your local computers, and you won’t even notice additional latency or slower performance. 

Sometimes Boots on the Ground Are Best

With cloud computing, you can offload certain tasks to the cloud, and we can keep an eye on them for you. The cloud is accessible from anywhere, so distance becomes irrelevant. However, there are still situations where it’s best to have someone on hand to solve problems. Our aim isn’t to completely replace your IT department. On the contrary, we hope to amplify its potential and free up your technicians to prioritize more important tasks. 

For instance, while we could provide remote support for a computer problem, one of your IT staff could jump in immediately and address the issue right away. There are also physical installations to consider. Remote assistance can tell you where to put a cable, but they can’t run it through a conduit for you. Our goal is to synergize with your IT staff so that they can focus on doing what only they can do. Let us handle the rest.

Managed Services Protect While You Work

Cybersecurity is one of the most important tasks for any IT department today. However, it’s impractical for your local IT team to constantly monitor network activity, email threats, employee behavior, and file systems. Nevertheless, that’s what it takes to prevent data breaches and avoid a breach. With a managed service provider, you have a remote team keeping a watchful eye over your company 24/7. We can connect to your systems and automate monitoring, alerting you whenever suspicious behavior is detected.

The benefits far outweigh the costs. Most IT teams take a reactive approach to cybersecurity, responding to problems instead of preventing them. In contrast, our managed services are looking for threats and spot potential vulnerabilities before they become actual problems. After analyzing your company’s security status, we’ll also provide progress reports so you can see how your situation has improved over time. Everything we do is auditable and traceable, ensuring compliance with data privacy laws.

Support Around the Clock

Even though we believe an on-site IT team is vital for your company’s success, we also know you can’t expect to have all your IT experts in the office every hour of every day. Yet it always seems like when your best IT people are on vacation, problems arise, and there’s no one around to solve them. We provide remote assistance through our software, which you can install on your local computers.

Whether you need immediate assistance from your dedicated engineer or simply have a bug that needs fixing, we can help you regardless of the time of day. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a holiday, the weekend, or you’ve got a problem during the midnight shift, our team will be ready—best of all, our support scales with your business. Instead of hiring more staff, just submit more support tickets. Your IT team will be free to focus on what matters.

Let Your IT Team Focus on Growth

Your IT experts should be focused on helping your company grow by laying down the IT infrastructure needed to handle greater volumes of clients and sales. If they’re bogged down by constant requests to fix minor issues, they won’t have the time to sit, meet, and plan. That time is vital as IT requires careful planning for successful development and deployment.

Give your IT team the support they need by investing in IT Managed Services with providers like Edafio, who can help your IT department focus on growth while we handle the day-to-day. Contact Edafio Technology Partners to schedule a meeting with our engineers to learn more about how we can provide the services your business needs to flourish,

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