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Too many organizations worry more about keeping the roaches out of their building than keeping the pests out of their IT environments

We recently presented to the NWA Tech Summit audience about cybersecurity. We shared some simple turnkey solutions on how to reframe employees’ mindsets to avoid your business being another statistic. To help bring it closer to home, we used the analogy of a pest infestation to a cyberattack because it is clear there is an infestation happening in most businesses worldwide, and like most humans’ business leaders are trying to ignore it. But this goes far deeper than the pests that roam your office building or the rats in your warehouse roof; this is parasitic, the possibility of being put out of business because you didn’t protect your digital assets.
Businesses worldwide are being held hostage by cybercriminals who lock their systems and restrict access to data that is the lifeblood of your business. Once it happens, it is too late. The best approach is to learn to do cyber pest control and make it harder for criminals to access your systems.
This recorded session provides access to front-line senior cyber experts who share a mix of case studies and best practices to help prepare your business and your associates and help you avoid becoming another statistic. In this 30-minute interview-style recording, you will learn

  • The breadth of cybersecurity risk
  • How cybersecurity events adversely affect your bottom line
  • How to implement a structured approach to risk mitigation
  • Explain how tools + people = a winning strategy
  • A better understanding of the real-world impacts of a cyber incident
  • How logical, structured approaches using standard practices are some of the very best steps your business can take to avoid cybercriminals
  • An understanding that protecting your business is not exclusive to people or tools, but rather a mix of both working together
  • Ways to start today with simple steps and reframing the mindsets of your associates

Watch it here:

NWA Tech Summit - The State of Cybersecurity presented by Edafio Technology Partners
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