Koontz Electric Retains Edafio Technology Partners for Cybersecurity Certification

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August 4, 2020 – Little Rock, AR – Koontz Electric Company, Inc. (KECI) and Edafio Technology Partners have entered into an agreement through which Edafio will provide comprehensive Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) services. Through the partnership, Edafio will ensure Koontz has the security processes and protections in place to meet current and forthcoming Department of Defense (DoD) CMMC standards.

The goals are to mitigate risk, to improve cybersecurity postures, and to guide Koontz through the independent assessment. The CMMC was developed to combat advanced and persistent threats perpetrated by increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks and is part of the Pentagon’s push to protect industrial base networks and controlled unclassified information. CMMC rules require contractors to be certified by third-party auditors, and contractors are required to meet different levels of security requirements depending on the type of work, with level 1 being the least burdensome and level 5 the most stringent.

With a level 3 Certification, Koontz Electric Company — a diversified heavy industrial electrical contractor that supports the total spectrum of power, control, and instrumentation system needs across the region and the United States — will be able to enhance further its ability handle projects chosen explicitly for technical and installation complexities.

Dean Hoover, Executive Vice President/COO with Koontz Electric, states, “CMMC certification will validate our commitment to protecting data and technology infrastructures. Edafio is qualifying us to continue our business with the Federal Government and many other security-sensitive clients and ensuring security and operational continuity.”

Sam Grubb, a cybersecurity consultant with Edafio Technology Partners, added: “We are here to provide 360° support — recommendations and clear action plans … to help as partners and guides throughout the whole process.”


Koontz Electrical Company: Founded in 1958, Koontz is the largest heavy industrial electrical contractor in Arkansas, and in the top five in the region, with annual revenues of about 50 million. Specializing in High Voltage Substations, Renewable Energy, and other large power projects, with over six decades of experience and proven track record of quality performance. Koontz is committed to safely completing quality installations, on schedule, within budget.

For more information about Koontz Electric Company, visit our website and social media pages:

FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/koontzelectric

LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/company/koontz-electric-co/

Learn more about CMMC here: http://teamascend.com/blog/cmmc-the-new-dod-standard-for-security/

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