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In 2021 Edafio Technology Partners launched the “Living Our Values at Edafio” Award. It is a company-wide initiative recognizing those associates who genuinely exemplify Edafio’s core values. 

The values we express through our daily actions are, in fact, what facilitate our success in achieving our mission, “To provide business-driven technology solutions that enable our clients to protect, run and grow their company.”  

Being committed to client success means exceeding our clients’ expectations and contributing to our clients’ growth via proven and innovative technologies, and consistently providing superior quality, value, and service.

Acting as one team with humility and respect means valuing everyone and treating people with dignity and professionalism, recognizing through our attitudes and behavior that we can deliver more value achieve superior results through cooperation and collaboration.

Demonstrating unquestionable integrity means that our actions reflect uncompromising character and cultivate and reinforce in the company a culture of credibility and trust. 

Each person at Edafio, no matter their role or responsibilities, has the opportunity to live these values—after all, people are their manifestation and essence, the source from which our culture grows. We felt it appropriate to celebrate the significance of our core values and reinforce the seriousness with which we take them in a meaningful way by selecting a few members who authentically personify these values every day, on and off the clock. 

To achieve the LOVE award, candidates were nominated by their team leaders and peers. Our LOVE Award committee then selected those whose attitudes and behavior consistently align with Edafio’s values and reflect the highest standards of excellence. 

Ultimately, the committee had to reduce a lengthy list of nominees to four LOVE Award finalists, with two co-equal winners for the “Committed to Client Success” recognition. At this year’s holiday party, we revealed the LOVE award recipients. We had the privilege of recognizing these four remarkable people:

Unquestionable Integrity

Randy Powell – Unquestionable Integrity LOVE Award Recipient. 

Edafio President and CEO Kenny Kinley commented, “Randy is well known amongst his colleagues as someone who takes the time to listen to the issues of other team members, providing guidance and advice as warranted. He is a delight to be around and brings so much value to every conversation he is a part of. Randy acts with uncompromising character and builds trust through responsible actions and honest relationships. He goes above and beyond every day and does so with a genuinely positive synergistic attitude. Randy exhibits many personal attributes that align with our core values and is most deserving of this recognition.”

One Team with Humility and Respect

Jennifer Hawthorne – One Team with Humility and Respect LOVE Award Recipient

“Jennifer is always there to help everyone and does so with an outstanding work ethic, which drives positive morale and reinforces our One Team mentality. Even with her tremendous workload- which she handles like a champ- she still makes time to be super helpful whenever you need her! She is selfless, dedicated, and a go-to resource for staff when they have questions.”

Committed to Client Success

Ryan Brown – Committed to Client Success LOVE Award Recipient

“Ryan shows consistent dedication to helping others and is known as a knowledgeable resource to his colleagues, providing thoughtful wisdom and guidance and delivering high-quality work. He goes above and beyond and takes ownership of projects regardless of how much or little he is involved. Ryan cares deeply about contributing to the company and driving growth in a special way, taking on challenging, high-visibility assignments and navigating them with humility, professionalism and ingenuity.
As a manager, he has been successfully guiding and leading his groups with a focus on providing the tools and mentorship to help them succeed at work and in life.”

Justin Schwilling – Committed to Client Success LOVE Award Recipient

“For 17 years, Justin has lived out all three core values serving clients. Clients and colleagues alike love and respect him. He pays attention to the details in all that he does. An example of this is the excellent documentation of our client’s I.T. infrastructure. His actions not only allow him to support clients well but also help all Edafio associates better support clients. Justin has a passionate approach to client service and exhibits a great work ethic and dedication, acting as if Edafio were his business and always striving to surpass client expectations. He is a model to others for taking the initiative and holding himself accountable. Most importantly, the way he handles himself, both personally and professionally, with integrity, respect, and humility, is second to none.”

We want to extend a heartfelt congratulations to the nominees and the LOVE Award winners. Thank you all for doing your best every day and in every way to Edafio’s core values. You make Edafio the great place to work we always aspire to be..

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