September's M365 Tips

When people do more in less time, they have the opportunity to tackle more projects with innovation and creativity. Unfortunately, employees are usually so swamped up with work that they only learn the titbits of Microsoft 365

Presently, millions of people and businesses are using Microsoft 365: a productivity suite that entails ExcelMicrosoft WordPublisherOutlook, and Access. Microsoft 365, the cloud-based version of the Word application, combines best-in-class apps with next-level security, device management, and extensive cloud services to deliver a more personalized and efficient service. 

So, how can you optimize this tiptop, transcendent cloud platform? 

Microsoft 365 Best Practices: 

Tell Me Feature 

Finding answers to a solution can be time-consuming, especially with the rise of remote working. Unlike help screens, the “tell me” feature allows you to enter phrases (or words) that direct you to a “command” feature. 

Focused Inbox 

Does your workday begin like this? 

• Open Outlook email inbox 

• Feel overwhelmed 

• Run or hide 

The Focused Inbox feature replaces clutter as one of the best ways to filter inboxes. This feature fine-tunes your inbox, keeping actionable items center and front, thus streamlining email handling. 

In addition, the Outlook feature separates your emails into two separate folders: Focused and Others. Emails that you deem most important are placed in the Focused folder. Mails sent to the Other folder are still accessible, but they usually take a backseat to priority, Focused Emails

Templafay Presentation Feature 

Establish a cohesive feel and look for documents and save time company-wide with Templafay document creation tool. Creating a branded experience requires the company’s communication, both internal and external. 

What’s nice is that Templafay integrates with all Microsoft applications, ensuring consistent branding and formatting that employees can access every touchpoint. 

So, What Other Tricks Come with Microsoft 365? 

Microsoft 365 lets you take the organization to the next level. Microsoft’s OneNote feature keeps notes and stores information in one place. This feature allows you to save links, save drawings, and photos, and keep research notes in one place. 

In addition, the Smart Lookup feature allows you to find what you need instantly. It lets you remain focused on your work by searching and verifying information, facts, words, or phrases. 

To use this feature: 

• First, enable the Smart Lookup feature in your Microsoft 365 

• Click “Tell Me” at the top of the screen 

• Select a phrase or word, right-click, and select lookup 

This feature gives users a rewarding and satisfying experience by helping users search for words and phrases. 

Other tricks you can use with Microsoft 365: 

You can recall sent messages 

Use SharePoint to reference and store documents 

Use keyboard shortcuts 

Share your work 

• Don’t create, restore 

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When it comes to business continuity in this day and age, Microsoft’s strategy and vision are to deliver you the ability to transform collaboration within your organization by enabling modern work within your organization.

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