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Be honest—could you imagine a day in the office or remote… without your executive assistant or office manager there, attending to the tiny details, anticipating everyone’s needs, thwarting disaster at every turn?

No? We didn’t think so. Or maybe you can, and it’s not pretty—it’s actually quite frightening.

At Edafio, not only are we committed to client success, we are committed to our team of dedicated associates. Today, we want to recognize two on our team who deserves extra praise for their performance, polite persistence, upbeat attitude, and super-hero skillset…all the while juggling a multitude of priorities.

Controller, Brian Hutchins, shares an accurate description of Administrative Assistant, Jennifer Hawthorne:

Jennifer Hawthorne

We are so very grateful to have Jennifer as part of the team. Her willingness to jump in and fill any need, continuously learn new things, and help our company continually improve are all evidence of how she lives our OneTeam core value! When we decided to ask team members to work remotely to safeguard everyone’s health, she volunteered to continue coming into the office each day. Frequently, she was the only one on-site, ensuring we received deliveries of client equipment. It’s a privilege to serve alongside her, and on behalf of Edafio, we wish her a Happy National Administrative Professionals Day even if it happens to be remote.
– Brian Hutchins, Controller

Tracy Sapp

Our other stellar associate call out is to Tracy Sapp, Edafio’s Executive Assistant, among many other titles. Kenny Kinley, President/CEO, had this to say about Tracy:

Words cannot fully describe the value Tracy Sapp  and the enormous contributions to productivity at all levels she brings to our organization.. Tracy is a true team player, and she works hard to cover so many areas for us. She has the respect of all of our associates and helps make Edafio better every day. In addition to the many hats she wears, she takes great care of me and managing my schedule which constantly change and that alone can be very challenging some days.
– Kenny Kinley, President/CEO

Happy National Administrative Professionals Day, Jennifer, and Tracy. Thank you for your commitment to our clients’ success and Edafio’s success, too!

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