Our September Associate Spotlight is Matt Sindle, a Senior Systems Engineer.

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We are thrilled to pay tribute today to Matt Sindle, one of Edafio’s esteemed Systems Engineer and an associate spotlight for September.

The comings and goings of staff are a part of every dynamic organization; therefore, it can be challenging to get to know our coworkers better as people, especially during a time of social distancing. We have to be mindful that our company culture thrives on our exceptional people as much as their outstanding technical skills.

As such, we are finding that our periodic interviews with associates allow us to acknowledge and celebrate the beautiful life stories, extraordinary professional accomplishments, and even the little quirks that make us uniquely beautiful human beings.

We hope you find each Edafio associate story as inspiring as we do in gathering and sharing them.

What drew you to this profession?

As a kid, I was always tinkering with electronics. Our first family computer was a Packard-Bell, and if I wanted to play games while my dad was at work, I had to figure out how to load the games, which was all command line. Since then, things snowballed into me being the family/friend IT guy, and eventually, that’s what I went to college to do professionally.

Have any favorite quotes?

We don’t make emotional decisions

What would you do if you had no fear?

Skydiving. I’m terrified of heights, but I try to push my limits whenever I can.

If I had one core message for the world, what would it be?

Everyone’s perspective is their reality, and their past and people around them influence their perspective. We can learn from others when we understand their “why.”

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

I put a lot of value in continuously trying new things and expanding my horizons as much as possible, which leads to a lot of firsts. Most recently, earlier this summer, our AC unity went, so before calling someone, I popped off the side panel and fixed it myself.

Quarantine can be a time of learning, self-reflection, and personal discovery. That said, is there anything you would like to share that COVID-19 and this quarantine has taught you?

2020 has been a challenging year for many people, but one silver lining is it has allowed us to recenter ourselves on what is truly important. As a family, we have been able to reevaluate our goals and values, which has allowed us to grow closer together as a family.

Everyone at Edafio has a story about why they joined the team. What’s yours?

I enjoy pushing my limits. I knew of a few clients that Edafio supported and felt that this was a company where I could continue to grow in my career and push myself. As I went through the interview process, I learned that not only was this a company where I could learn about state-of-the-art technology, but they also take excellent care of their employees. I knew this was the place for me.

Edafio is always looking for exceptional candidates to join our team. For an opportunity to work with folks like Matt, be sure to visit our careers page to learn more.

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