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At Edafio, as we prepare for the upcoming University of Central Arkansas STEM and Graduate Virtual Career Fair Wednesday, October 21, we are excited to connect and get to know all of the recent graduates and students who are seeking jobs and internships. We also understand that job searching can seem like a near-impossible and daunting task during the COVID-19 pandemic. But practicing social distancing and looking for a job —without leaving your home is still achievable — schools like the University of Central Arkansas and industry organizations, like Edafio, are turning to virtual career fairs to connect job seekers and employers. It is true “attending” a virtual job fair could pay off for you — if you plan, prepare, and impress.

Here’s our nine-step strategy for setting your mind at ease and to achieve virtual job fair success:

  1. Find Out Who Will Be There. Look or ask for a list of companies who will be there before the event. By knowing before going, you can sign up for the early sessions to guarantee you a spot with your top choices.
  2. Do your homework on the employers you want to meet. Be sure to check out the company website, social media platforms, and Google. Coming prepared for your virtual session will spark questions and create fruitful conversations. By doing your homework, you will also get a feel for the company culture.
  3. Prepare a few talking points about yourself. Think of it as an “elevator pitch.” Include skills and qualifications that will appeal to your audience. Top-level bullet points like your background, field of studies, and career goals. Try to keep your pitch under a minute.
  4. Dress for success. Even if you aren’t meeting the employer in person, you will want to dress up to make an excellent first impression! And, putting on your favorite outfit will do wonders for your confidence and disposition.
  5. Arrive on time. Showing up at your scheduled appointment start time shows the recruiter or company ambassador that you are dependable and respectful of their time too.
  6. Find a quiet spot with a neutral background. Try to minimize distractions by planning ahead. Make sure it’s quiet, and there is a plain background behind you.
  7. Maintain eye contact and practice active listening. Remember to smile, nod, pause, and avoid fidgeting. To limit distractions, keep your environment clean so you are not tempted to look away from your screen.
  8. Ask questions. Remember #2? Bring a list of questions to each appointment about the company with whom you are meeting. The goal is to get the information you need to decide if the company or role is a good fit for you while also leaving a good impression. Some example questions include: Ask about:
    1. The specific position
    2. The hiring process
    3. Their personal experience with the company
    4. Their growth and development 
    5. The company culture.
  9. Follow Up. Send a thank-you note to each person you met within 24 to 48 hours after the career fair. Do this whether you’re interested in the company or not. It is ok to keep it short, but you will want to personalize the note to each company ambassador or recruiter.

It’s not always easy to stand out at a career fair, especially when they are virtual, but by following these steps —you’ll already be ahead of the pack.

To prepare for the virtual set-up, UCA will have a “Virtual Drop-In Support” available from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. on the virtual fair day. Be sure to contact them if you have any issues by clicking on the link provided here: Virtual Career Fair Support!

Career Fair Summary 2019-2020

The UCA Career Fair Support team recommends Chrome or Firefox for the best experience. If you choose to use Microsoft Edge, please make sure you’ve updated to the latest version!

To register for the virtual fairs, follow these steps (current students ONLY):

  1. Search “Career Services” in MyUCA
  2. Create your Handshake Account (or login to account if you already have an account created).
  3. Click the Events tab
  4. Search the name of the Career Fair you would like to attend
  5. Register!
  6. Sign up for Group Sessions or 1:1 sessions.

If you are a community member, alumni, or CBC/Hendrix student please follow the ALUMNI instructions located HERE to complete your Handshake profile.

Dress Code for Career Fair

Zach Green Testimonial

“Edafio is a company for interns to learn and grow. For example, if you’re a marketing intern who is curious about how the service desk operates, they will happily provide you with that opportunity. Always bring a curious mind. Even when you feel like you’re not ready, Edafio is there to prepare and provide mentorship to strengthen your learning experiences. Just try and take that first step.
Edafio fosters creativity, curiosity, and a one-team approach that encourages us to embrace challenges with innovative solutions, especially if you want to grow professionally and socially.” – Zach Green

We can’t wait to meet you!

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