Tis the season for creative collaboration with Access Group

Access Group Christmas Card Unveiling
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Edafio will never pass up an opportunity to show off the talents of our clients.

A big thank you to ACCESS Group for creating the art that is the centerpiece of the holiday cards we are sending to our clients this season. The students seemed delighted to participate and rose to the occasion with lovely images of the season. We hope the collaboration highlights the ACCESS mission to provide full-time education, therapy, training and activities for children and youths with learning disabilities. A Special Needs Arts Program is among the unique services ACCESS offers, with the creative designs for our holiday cards demonstrating one of the ways these services have such a profound impact. At the same time, we celebrate our inspiring and successful partnership and the true spirit of the holiday.

At Edafio, we strive to go beyond the technology services we provide our clients — our commitment is to the mission and goals of ACCESS Academy and extends to all the students and staff. We hope this creative collaboration helps in a small way to connect the meaning and value of their work with the individuals and families who can benefit most from it.

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