When Is It Time to Outsource Technical Support for Your Business?

When Is It Time to Outsource Technical Support for Your Business?
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Building and maintaining a rock-solid IT team is no small feat, one many business owners don’t know how to do. But that doesn’t mean this crucial department should be ignored. Just the opposite, IT is the bridge between your internal operations and the outside world. What, then, is the solution? Choosing an IT outsourcing managed service partner who will work at your side to protect and grow your business.

When to Choose an IT Outsourcing Managed Service Partner

It’s not unusual to feel you can’t keep pace when your company enters a phase of rapid growth. But neither can you stay long-term in a posture of catch-up; instead, you must increase operations before growing pains morph into major headaches. They can become significant enough to bring growth to a grinding halt.

If it feels like you and your associates are slogging through mud, it’s time to outsource your technical needs. This allows you to optimize internal processes and redirect focus to core business activities. Whether you need to amplify client services, adjust delivery schedules, or expand production, outsourcing your IT to qualified professionals eases your to-do list.

Labor Costs Need to Be Reduced

Today’s digital landscape demands you have an IT team to handle tasks like data backup and risk management. However, paying multiple salaries may not be cost-effective, especially if you’re in the early stages of business ownership or trying to improve cash flow.

You can gain the same level of technical expertise and decrease labor costs by outsourcing your IT. This allows you to pay a fixed contract fee that meets your budget. In turn, you can manage annual expenses and even use the money saved to invest in associates for other departments, such as sales or administration.

You Need to Increase Productivity

Let’s continue in the vein of operating costs for a moment. Many times, companies try to save money by delegating IT tasks to existing associates. This rarely, if ever, produces favorable results. Associates quickly feel overworked and, when they lack the knowledge required for complex IT tasks, lose productivity in their original roles.

Keep in mind when productivity lags, the entire team’s workflow will be impacted, which can translate to terse client engagements and slow service. Worse, if a problem occurs that your untrained IT team doesn’t know how to handle – such as a security breach – your company’s public reputation can suffer. A better solution is to keep associates focused on their responsibilities and turn to well-trained professionals for IT help.

Your IT Team Needs Help

This sounds a little vague, but the point is your in-house IT team can only handle so many tasks. If they’re occupied with one project but suddenly need to pivot to another, you may end up with multiple half-finished projects. This impedes growth and leaves associates feeling scattered.

You could indeed add to your team by hiring more IT associates, but what happens when you need to cut back? The most straightforward answer is to partner with a technical support provider. You can quickly scale as necessary without the added hassle of hiring and then laying-off, team members. And outsourcers can work with your existing IT associates to form a cohesive and efficient team.

You Want Access to Cutting-Edge Technologies

Securing your and client data is paramount to your success. To understand the magnitude of this concern, consider popular social media platforms; they’re under constant scrutiny to ensure third-parties don’t mishandle users’ data.

You may think that because of your size, you’re not at risk for security breaches. Unfortunately, this assumption in and of itself makes you vulnerable. Technology never stays stagnant, and hackers are always looking for an “in.” We recommend choosing an IT outsourcing managed service partner that keeps your brand technically current and provides up-to-the-minute safety against ongoing threats, monitored by the sharpest professionals.

You Want a Competitive Edge

Every open market is competitive. Any edge you can find, therefore, is likely to mean the difference between failure and prosperity. Aside from network and data security, outsourced IT solutions can provide advantages that include:

  • IT Consulting
  • Cloud computing services
  • Backup and recovery
  • VOiP

The Benefits of an IT Partner

Outsourcing your IT needs gives you a partner who will listen to your ideas, recommend technology solutions based on your needs, and collaborate with your associates. As we alluded to earlier, an IT partner can supplement your existing team or work independently. This ability to customize means you get the exact level of service you need.

An IT partner vested in your success will also provide consistent results. How do we know? If they don’t, you can cancel your contract and seek another provider. It’s one of the most attractive benefits an IT partner provides (besides their expertise) and ensures they work diligently for you.

Ignite Innovation

Common IT concerns, like slow connectivity and mysteriously lost files, can hinder creativity. Associates grow frustrated and lose their innovative spark when these occurrences repeat themselves. If you feel this happening in your organization, outsourcing your IT solutions can help.

While creativity relies on idea sharing, the environment is equally important. We’re not talking about the walls associates look at but the tools they use to perform their work. They need equipment that functions as expected, and a professional IT partner can provide this. When concerns do arise, this same partner can swiftly make corrections to keep your team working.

Proactive Maintenance

This brings us to our next point: your IT partner can identify and address tech issues in real-time, which is much more proactive than waiting to hear your clients or associates experience problems. In addition to monitoring your system, a partner can also automate software updates to maintain the integrity of your network.

Choosing an IT outsourcing managed service partner is a crucial step in moving your organization forward. This decision can provide a host of benefits, including:

Reduced labor costs

Increased productivity

Sharp competitive edge.

If you’re ready to see how intelligent technology solutions can help your business, contact Edafio Technology Partners today.

Aside from the benefits stated above, an outsourced IT solution can provide advantages such as:


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