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Join us on October 15th at 10 am

Join BBB Serving Arkansas, BBB’s Education Foundation with shared conversations by Edafio Technology Partners’ Chief Cybersecurity Officer, Jeremy Ausburn, Jason Frankenburger from the FBI, The Hatcher Agency, and Mitchell Williams Law Firm for a virtual fireside chat.

Lines between our online and offline lives seem blurry. This year saw a major disruption in how we learn, work, and connect with others online. During the #BBBFireside get answers to questions about:

  • How our devices impact our lives
  • Ways we do business,
  • Steps we can take to reduce risks.

This live Q&A session will help to address your cybersecurity concerns and help to answer questions on how to protect your home and business in the age of internet-connected devices.

Send us your questions before the event by email, on social using the hashtag #BBBFireside, or direct message us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn. We’ll answer live on October 15th at 10 am. See you then!

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