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and The March Zero-Day Vulnerability

Edafio is aware of a high-profile security flaw in Google’s web browser Chrome. This flaw also affects derivatives, including many mobile device (phones, tablets, etc.) browsers and even the built-in Microsoft Edge browsers that come with Windows.  

While it’s pretty typical for Chrome to update automatically, Edafio isn’t taking any chances with your security. Our technologists are working diligently to ensure that devices you have under management with us are considered and upgraded.

For more detailed information, please consider the following articles:

• For technical reference: Stable Channel Update for Desktop – Google

• For Security Professionals: Emergency Google Chrome update fixes zero-day used in attacks– BleepingComputer

• For a business perspective: Google Issues Warning For Billions of Chrome Users – Forbes

Edafio recommends anyone using a Chrome-based web browser (including Microsoft, Apple, and Android mobile devices) keep all personal and business devices updated with the latest critical, security, and application patches as they become available to protect yourself and your privacy.

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