The importance of having a Multi-Year Quality Strategy Solution

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Ancil: Today, I am talking with my good friend, Valerie Moring, with Edafio Technology Partners. 

It is so good to good to have you on today, Valerie. Valerie and I worked together for many years at HRT, Arkansas. Tell our listeners what you do for Edafio.

Valerie: Hi, Ancil. It is great to be here. Thank you for inviting me on Common Grounds. I lead the Cybersecurity and Healthcare Team.

Ancil: I wanted to talk a little bit about this overwhelming amount of documentation that clinics and hospitals have to do today to be current. It used to be that hospitals had to do a lot of documentation to keep up with. But you’ve got a whole team of people that helps clinics and hospitals keep up with their documentation regarding quality metrics. Can you tell us a little bit about that?

Valerie: Accurate and appropriate documentation that fully represents the quality of healthcare that organizations provide has become more complex, year after year. When you add the complexity of documentation with the multiple ways to participate for all the different insurance payers and take care of patients during the pandemic this year, it can feel and be somewhat overwhelming to think about the short and the long term effects on reimbursement.

Ancil: Yeah. Well, listen, I didn’t think about the pandemic affecting the quality of healthcare organizations, but it makes sense that it would impact these healthcare practices. And you guys keep up with the current regulations and whatnot. I think many people assume their software is going to take care of it. What do you have to say about that?

Valerie: Yeah, so, absolutely, you know, just like any other software application or program – it’s only a tool. It’s how you use that tool, how you operate within the tool, and then take the data and report it to all the different payers is what’s important. We’ve seen providers and healthcare organizations struggle with using the tool correctly for years. Edafio’s Multi-Year Quality Strategy Plan helps provide the direction and clarity that the organization needs to be successful in closing out 2020 reporting and then moving into the new year with a turnkey-ready roadmap that the team can deliver and fulfill every day. It’s essential to not only reflect on your successes and how well you’ve done but then to make corrections for some of the payers where you may or may not have maximized all of your revenue opportunities.

Ancil: Edafio is known for providing world-class technology and healthcare consulting services to healthcare organizations. How can folks get a hold of you?

Valerie: They can visit our website’s healthcare page dedicated to optimizing healthcare practices. We have certified consultants who have worked in the healthcare space for decades and have value-based healthcare experience. We work with our clients regularly with their appropriate staff to ensure they’re maximizing and utilizing their technology solutions and clinical workflows while remaining diligent with their documentation to begin improving their quality scores and reporting those quality scores. Because that ultimately affects a positive outcome on the reimbursement. When the designated team can report high-quality healthcare for each payer with an efficient and streamlined documentation process, it has the potential to retain as much revenue and increase the practice’s revenue stream.

Ancil: Awesome. You can find out more about the Multi-Year Quality Strategy Plan on their website at You can also message me, and I get the information to Valerie. Valerie, thanks so much for taking time today, and healthcare needs a partner more than ever right now. 

Valerie: Thanks Ancil, it is great to talk to you.


Edafio Healthcare consulting team has decades of combined compliance experience in the healthcare industry. Our team has worked with numerous healthcare entities, business associates of covered entities, and other healthcare-related companies supporting their ongoing healthcare practice optimization.

There is no greater support than consultation and guidance. When you talk, we listen, then provide a tailored solution for your business needs. Our certified specialists are standing by to help.

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