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In this interactive demo, Will Smothers will take you on a guided tour of #MicrosoftTeams to understand the app and learn about the latest key features, and capabilities it has to offer. 

Jump in and experience how your company can collaborate when all the conversations, meetings, files, and apps you need live together in one highly secure digital hub.

-How to communicate using Teams
-What tools are a part of Microsoft Teams
-How to share, meet, and collaborate using Teams

If you didn’t join us live, I invite you to watch it. Feel free to share the link with your team or others who may be interested in adding this to their business toolbox.

Microsoft 365 Teams On-Demand Webinar

Ready to get hands-on Teams training?

Did you know our Edafio specialists provide Microsoft 365 training solutions customized to fit your business needs? Learn how to use Teams to enhance your ability to communicate and collaborate with your colleagues.

If you would like to learn more about Microsoft Teams, O365 or Edafio’s other IT services designed to help you be more productive on the job, drop us a line!

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