Sam Grubb receives the NIST CSF Certification

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We are pleased to announce Sam Grubb recently earned the NIST Cybersecurity Framework Practitioner Certification. This certification prepares a security consultant to design, build, test, manage, and improve a cybersecurity program using the NIST Cybersecurity Framework. While the focus is on the NIST framework, the certification also includes sections on PCI Compliance, ISO 2700:1, and workforce training. This training further enhances the Edafio Security Teams’ ability to provide robust, organizational-wide security program consulting and risk management.

I am always proud and excited to be able to work for a company that invests in this type of training for our consultants and that Edafio provides us time and resources to be able to stay up to date on the latest trends in cybersecurity concerns.

Valerie Moring, Cybersecurity and Healthcare Consulting Team Lead

While there is no doubt that technology has changed the way we live, work, and play, there are genuine threats associated with the increased use of technology, remote work, and the growing dependence on cybersecurity. Through continuing education, accreditation, and certifications, Edafio not only stays current on the leading edge of the latest technology and mitigation strategies, but we can also prepare our clients to identify and avoid risks.

Sam Grubb is a Cyber Security Consultant at Edafio where he focuses on policy, security risk assessments, and security awareness programs. Previously, Sam worked as a contractor for the National Guard teaching Information Assurance courses and a teacher for Jacksonville High School as their Cyber Security Education Specialist. Currently, Sam is helping companies reach CMMC Level 3 compliance. He has a wife and son who live with five cats and one dog. He enjoys reading, writing, comedy, and impractical technical projects. 

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