Sam Grubb Earns GCFE Certification— Adding to Edafio Capabilities and Credentials 

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Edafio Technology Partners’ Senior Cybersecurity Consultant Sam Grubb has earned the highly valued GIAC Certified Forensic Examiner (GCFE) certification, which validates deep and specialized knowledge of computer forensic analysis. Given the growing importance of information security in today’s commercial environment and in all industry sectors, the GCFE certification highlights the ability to collect and analyze data from Windows computer systems. GCFE certification holders demonstrate the increasingly important capacity to conduct incident investigations —such as browser forensics, e-Discovery, forensic analysis, reporting, and application activities on Windows systems. Earning the certification requires a passing score on a three-hour, 115-question proctored exam and is among the most demanding in terms of required skill and knowledge. 

Arkansas-based businesses requiring this highly specialized, enterprise-level expertise would otherwise need to contract with out-of-state-based MSPs. Edafio Technology Partners provides clients access to leading-edge, world-class capabilities within local reach and with the personal service, Edafio is so well known for. Commenting on the importance of delivering forensic analysis capabilities, Don Swartz, Edafio’s Chief Operating Officer, said, “any company in business today must assume the worst in cyber-crime within their networks. At Edafio, we consider it essential to provide our clients access to analysts who can investigate such crimes — wherever in the system the threats may exist”. 

Sam Grubb joined Edafio in 2019 and serves as a critical resource and subject matter expert responsible for integrating and ensuring world-class security monitoring, interpretation, and remediation skills. Previously, Sam worked as a contractor for the National Guard, teaching Information Assurance courses and as a teacher for Jacksonville High School as their Cybersecurity Education Specialist. An experienced presenter, educator and author, Sam is co-author of the book, How Cybersecurity Really Works: A Hands-On Guide for Total Beginners, published by No Starch Press. A recent interview with Sam on the mission-critical importance of cybersecurity is attached. 

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